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Can we make a cargo only payload model?
Yes, with the right payload model you can transform any aircraft into a cargo transporter.

There are some cargo versions already made:

Basically: You just need to define a payload model without passengers and with bigger weight for cargo.

You can also edit ANY existing payload model, and then save it with the same name
followed by ' (cargo)' keyword (one space before '(cargo)'. This payload will now be available
in the drop box of the payload loader screen just after your usual 'pax' payload model.


Say you fly with the 737-800, you usually get this payload model loaded:

This payload model is called '737-8.ini' in the payload_model folder.
Edit it with the payload editor, remove pax, increase cargo capacity and save it with this new name
'737 (cargo).ini' (note the (cargo) keyword) it will now be available in the
drop box of the FsPassengers payload dialog.

and voila, 737 cargo model... now to make it even nicer you can design a new image for this payload model
and assign the new image for the '737 (cargo).ini' payload model in the payload model editor.

By default FsPassengers has a 737 cargo version. See how it is selected in the drop box 'payload model'

Here is a tutorial about payload models: how to make an image, edit them, etc:

How to find/open the FsPassengers folder

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