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Unregistered demo only limit you by the departure area but you can land anywhere.
FsPassengers have an easy to use install/uninstall program, no files or registry key left.
Free demo

Click here to Download FsPassengersP3D for Prepar3D  122Mb version 11 february 2017
For Prepar3D v2 and v3 (minimal version: Prepar3D 2.5.12943)
Work on Windows: Vista,7,8,10.

Click here to Download FsPassengersX for FSX  112Mb version 23 january 2016
For Flight Simulator X version: Steam, Acceleration, SP2.
Work on Windows: XP,Vista,7,8,10.

Click here to Download FsPassengers 2004 for Fs9  26Mb version 7 january 2011
FsPassengers 2004
For Flight Simulator 2004.
Work on Windows XP. (As Flight Simulator 2004, it may run also on vista, seven and windows 8, but no support is given.
You must at least INSTALL FsPassengers in ADMIN mode and run Fs9.exe ALWAYS in admin mode).

Do you have the last FsPassengers versions ? What was updated:
Click here to see the list of all FsPassengers release with update log

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