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23 january 2016: a new FsPassengersP3D version is online download here
23 january 2016: a new FsPassengersX version is also online download here !

FsPassengers Frequently Asked Questions
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  Download and Install
Can I use FsP in FSX?

Yes it's called FsPassengersX and is available in the download section:
Can I use FsPassengers on more than one computer?

Yes, however, you CANNOT use it for one of the following reasons:
a) Mass production (many computers).
b) Making ANY money off of it.
Doing any of the above is illegal and breaking copyright laws.

You may install the full product on any computer you own, for your sole use, but CANNOT distribute the unlock key between friends.

To transfer your data between your computers
see: I want to reinstall FsP but I want to keep my company OR I want to backup my company
Does FsPassengers work with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 on Windows Vista?

Yes, it does. HOWEVER, you must make sure to run Flight Simulator as an
administrator every time you run it. To do this, right click on the Flight Simulator icon and click
'Run As Administrator'.
FsPassengers installer can't find the directory of my Fs2004 installation.

This is due to the registry that contains all Fs2004 information being messed up.
Solution: When running the installer, on the first page, click the 'browse' button and manually give the path to your Fs2004 folder.
FsPassengers Installer can't run or says the archive is incomplete.

Sometime during the download process, an internet error may cause the downloaded file to be incomplete or corrupted. If you try the download again, you will always get the same incomplete file, because your web browser sends the file from its cache and not a fresh one from the internet.

If you know how to, simply clear your browser's cache and try the download again.
If you do not know how to do this, download FsPassengers from another location.

For example if you downloaded from the main link here:
try downloading the zip file here:

Of course, if you downloaded the zip, try the main link.
How can I upgrade, find which version I have ?


Launch Fs2004 and click on FsPassengers menu 'About FsPassengers' the version date is on top of this dialog. Then click on 'check FsPassengers update' button on the bottom of this dialog, The site will open in your browser and will tell you if an update is available and what was added in the update.


If the site tell you that an upgrade is available go in the download
section here: download again FsPassengers and install it. The installer will recognize that its an update and you'll keep all your flight data. Notice you need to enter again your unlock code after an update. If you don't remember you code see this FAQ:
I have lost my unlock code how can I get it back ?

If you want to see the different release and what was added you can click on this link:
I want to reinstall FsP but I want to keep my company OR I want to backup my company

ALL your pilot/flight/company data are in the folder 'FsPassengers/database' which is in your Fs2004 directory.

This is THE folder to backup or save. Notice that the upgrade don't destroy this folder so usually upgrading is safe.

So Copy and paste somewhere else the 'database' folder. It's the one to restore/copy back if you want to continue your progression.

Be aware to NOT mix old files and new file into it, when you replace an old saved 'database' folder be sure to delete first all the files in it previously.

Related question:
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?

What are the system requirements for FsP?

You can pretty much run FsP with any computer that can run FS ( see )
I recommend at least a system as follows:

Intel Pentium 4 at 2.6 Ghz OR AMD Athlon at 2 GHz
HD doesn't particularly matter. Make sure you have AT LEAST 15% left over after FS and FsP (and other add-ons) and that you are defragmented.
AT LEAST 512 mb of ram. This is the biggest supporter of performance and the more, the better.
AT LEAST 32 mb video ram (again, this is VERY low and the more, the better).
OS also doesn't really matter. Actually, I'd choose 98 or ME before XP. They seem to be more stable every time I've tried them.
Where can I get the FsPassengers full version ?

When you download the demo it is actually the full version already just 'locked' to the usage of being able to only fly out one airport, being KSFO ( San Francisco International ) as soon as you put your unlock code in ( see: Where do I put my unlock code ? ) the demo becomes the full version.
Will I loose my flight, company or pilot data if I upgrade ?

No you will not loose anything.

the upgrade don't destroy your flight database and your database is compatible
with all incoming upgrade.

All your flight log, pilot, aircraft and company database file are located in the folder 'FsPassengers/Database' as long as you don't destroy this folder you'll always keep your data.

Notice this is the folder to backup if you want for any reason to reinstall Fs2004 or if you want to have a backup copy in case of disk trouble.

To restore it take care to not mix old and new database, you should first empty the 'FsPassengers/database' folder before copying back a backup here.


You database is still compatible, copy as above the content of your Fs9 database foler in (FSX) FsPassengers/database. DO NOT mess the folder 'AircraftLocation' and be warned that using a FSX database might give strange result if you put it back in Fs9.

  Purchase and Unlock Code
I bought a 'FSQuality' CD of FsPassengers and I can't unlock it

FSQuality made a mistake with one series of CD, you can't unlock it
and this since 18 December 2005

As they refused to remove this wrong series from market
even ordered to do so by our lawyer the 18 January we inform you
that our company is no longer working with FSL Verlagsgesellschaft
m.b.h Vienna (FsQuality) since 3 February 2006

To find a solution for your copy of FsPassengers please
contact us at with the name of the
store you bought it.

I worked hard more than 3000 hours to make FsPassengers
and we are deeply sorry to see our effort ruined by company
that don't have any respect for customers, authors or the
product they sell.


Daniel Polli
FsPassengers's author

I didn't receive my unlock code after purchase

If you purchased it on your code is in your account at simmarket.

If you purchased by check that your given address for purchase is right and that you don't have an antispam filter on.
If you still don't have a mail from us with your code nor the confirmation mail by klik and pay after one hours you may have given a wrong address e-mail.

In any case click on this link:
and fill the form. The more information you give as customer number, the address mail used for purchase, name, 4 first numbers of your credit card the more we are able to find your purchase and send you the code quickly.

Please, Check, double check, triple check your address e-mail on this form, nothing worse for me to receive mail and not be able to reply because your address is wrong.
I don't have a credit card or mine don't work on FsPassengers purchase page.

You can purchase FsPassengers by bank transfer, paypal, credit card and several other ways at SimMarket. Click here:

Take care that if you buy by simmarket you'll not receive your code by mail but your code will be in your simmarket account. Login at simMarket and you'll find it here.
I have lost my unlock code how can I get it back ?

Simply click on this link: and follow the instruction carefully.

Notice if you purchased by you will find your unlock code in your simmarket account.
Is the purchase secure ? don't proceed himself the purchase but deffer it to 'click and pay' the leader in secure payment. You can see their safety information here:

The purchase and the transmission of you credit card data is made with a 128bits encrypted connection.

When you purchase by first you give some information as name, e-mail address and country so we can send you the unlock code by mail but once done you are redirected to click and pay secure page to enter your credit card data. You can see there is a little 'lock' icon at the bottom of your browser and at the top the URL is 'httpS' type which mean 'http secure and encrypted transfer'

Notice have only access to the first 4 number of your credit card data.

We recommend that you print the mail you receive with your unlock code but if by any bad luck you loose your unlock code we can resend it to you.
See this FAQ: I have lost my unlock code how can I get it back ?
Where do I put my unlock code ?

Here is an help to unlock FsPassengers:

Where to register ?

Go to FsPassengers menu:

And then you must enter your username and unlock key on this dialog:

My Code don't work ?

Pay attention that you must enter the username and unlock code EXACTLY as showed in the mail it's case sensitive so 'John Doe' is not the same than 'John doe' and will not work for example. Once your username entered in the bottom box enter the big number, (the unlock code) Once done click with your mouse on 'unlock' button.

To avoid error you may switch Fs2004 in windowed mode (ALT+ENTER) and copy/past
your username and unlock code into the unlock dialog.

More Help ?
See other topic of this FAQ, it contain a lot of answers to your questions:

  FsPassengers Flight
Can I disable the FsPassengers payload loader - Use a custom one ?

Yes but It's not really suitable because FsPassengers loader use accurate passengers weight, also it may be a kind of cheat as you'll be able to fly with 400 passengers that weight nothing. If the payload model is not good you can download more in the 'more download' section or even create one yourself (see related question at bottom)

Anyway on some aircraft you may want to disable FsPassengers loader, you'll still have the loader screen and you must still move the passengers sliders to tell FsPassengers how many pax you have but the weight of aircraft will NOT be updated anymore, therefore weight used will be those of original aircraft or those of a custom payload loader.

To disable ALL fsp payload weight calculations

Browse to your Fs2004 folder and open the file 'FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg' with notepad and change the line as below:

DisablePayloadDialogWeightModif =1;

And there is other parameter that you can set, a really useful file.

To disable INDIVIDUAL fsp payload weight calculations

Open the payload model in the in the FsP payload_editor
(Start > programs > FsPassenger> tools > payload_editor)
Load up the selected payload
Check the 'disable position calculations'
Save the payload

Related questions:
I have unfair penalties how can I disable them ?
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?
My aircraft is overweight BEFORE adding any passengers.

Can I still fly Fs2004 without FsP?

Yes, of course,

Simply begin a normal flight without starting FsPassengers from the menu.

FsP will not even use up one processor cycle when a flight without FSP is started. (FsP only uses a little resource when started anyway)
I get 'Wrong authorization' message.

On some old versions, the protection was more sensitive, so please check your version and upgrade to the latest if necessary. To check your version and upgrade: See this FAQ: How can I upgrade, find which version I have ?

Before installing FsPassengers you must ensure Fs2004 run with administrator right. Right click on 'fs9.exe' and select 'run as admin'. It should also always run with admin right.

There is an anti folder copy protection, you can not move the folder, FsP will detect that. If you want to move it because you reinstalled Fs2004 for example, simply reinstall FsPassengers in your new Fs2004 directory, unlock the demo again (using your original key) and copy the 'FsPassengers/Database' folder which contain all your flight data from your old installation to the new one.

1-Save your flight database (see this faq : I want to reinstall FsP but I want to keep my company OR I want to backup my company )
2-uninstall completely FsPassengers, check, double check that the folder 'FsPassengers' in your flight simulator directory disappeared completely.
3-Fresh Boot your computer - DON'T LAUNCH ANYTHING - (not flight simulator for example)
4-If you run Fs on window vista, right click on fs9.exe and select 'run as admin'
5-Install FsPassengers
6-Run flight simulator
7-Unlock with your unlock key.
8-Exit flight simulator, copy back your database folder.
I want to edit the war zone because I don't want to be under fire at...

You don't want to be under fire at Buchanan Field Airport, near the Capital, the White House or near the British Parliament?

It's easily editable (even in the demo).
Example for Buchanan Field Airport:

1. Open 'dangerous database' dialog via the FsP menu and click on the 'edit cfg' button
2. Delete the first line called
KCCR demo war area;fail=0;war=100;lon=-122.05967;lat=37.984931;range=10;
3. Save and exit.

That's it!

You can do this for all other 'dangerous areas'.

If you want a place with a less danger percentage, edit 'war=***'
If you want to reduce the danger range, edit 'range=**'
Other aircraft or AI aircraft crash into me, how can I disable that?

Even if you have set the Fs2004 parameter to 'no collision', FsPassengers by default force this value to 'ON'.

Solution: Disable the 'force collision detection' of FsP. To do this, open the [Fs2004]/FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg file with notepad and edit the force collision detection line as below:
DisableForceCollideDetection =1; // disable the 'force collide detection' feature of FsP

Don't forget also to set the 'collision detection' of Fs2004 to OFF.

Related question:
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?
When to declare an emergency, avoid false emergencies?

Declaring an emergency when there is one during your FsP flight is a necessity to receive a bonus. If you do not declare the emergency, you will receive a penalty. You'll also be penalized if you declare a false emergency.

You must not use Fs2004's own failure system, as they are not detected by FsP.
Some advanced aircrafts such as PMDG have their own failure systems which are impossible for FsP to detect, so be sure to DISABLE the failures in such aircrafts. FsP have enough of them to please you. If you are not sure if a failure comes from the aircraft or from FsP see below:

First if you hear the co-pilot saying something about a failure you can be sure it's an FsP failure, so declare emergency. If you are unsure it's a FSP failure, a good way to be 100% sure is to right click on the mini display, select 'display option' and check 'display failure warning icon'. It will show a green 'ok' or a warning icon on the mini display. Notice using this feature will reduce your failure bonus slightly (as you're supposed to detect them yourself) but at least it will avoid a lot of penalties if you declare a false emergency.

The co-pilot doesn’t give any warning for the following failure: slow increase of oil temperature on engine and fuel leak. You are supposed to watch your instruments to detect them. If you don't want to be surprised by such failure see above the 'mini display failure icon'

Related question:
Why can't we un-declare an Emergency ?'
Why can't we save/restore our flight?

Sorry I tried hard during weeks to have this feature up because the Fs SDK doesn't allow that.
Finally I found the workaround by calling Fs's save/restore code directly and it worked for me. Problem it didn't worked for most beta tester and the problem seem to come from the Fs restore code.

A problem that you have only on some computer and not for you is almost impossible to debug, also even Fs himself have problem to restore aircraft that have complex panel from time to time.

So a save/restore that you can't trust 100% is absolutely impossible to add, so I disabled this code.

Good things anyway: a save/restore would destroy the purpose of FsP:
Adding realism while giving you stress and concern during your flight. If you were able to save and restore, there is the opportunity to cheat and this would reduce the challenge.

Why can't we un-declare an Emergency ?

In reality when an aircraft declares an emergency, a lot of things are involved for the passengers safety: emergency services, search and rescue, not to mention all the flight plans of other aircraft in the area that may be affected to allow you to land as soon as possible, etc etc... This all has a cost, therefore, un-declaring an emergency is not possible.

See also this question:
When to declare an emergency, avoid false emergencies?'

  Economic fleet and pilot managment
Can I modify my company setting after creation ?

Sorry no, company setting are as game rules this is why you must be careful when you create your company because those setting will set how you'll play the

Anyway if you really don't like your setting you can still create another
company with better setting and transfer your pilot to this new company.
(see company manager, pilot tab)

Can I start a career with already a rank of 'xx' ?

Sorry no, Whatever your rank in real life, FsP remain a game. You need
to make your way through the normal progression. Allowing people to start at
C4 (why not C10 ?) would be unfair for those that worked hard to reach their level without any cheat.

I recall that you don't need to start a company with 'career mode' set which
limit you to some aircraft. You can fly even a 747 at C0 given that you have set a company without the 'career mode' (which is optional and disabled by default)

Even the real tennis world champion would have to make his way if he play
'Tennis simulator' he can not claim the cup immediately because he is
a champion in real life.... ;)
I changed level. Which aircraft can I fly now? How much will this plane will cost?

If you want to know which plane in your Fs9 folder will match which rank, just use the 'Aircraft rank & price browser' tool from the FsPassengers menu you'll find in the 'Start' menu of Windows. You will also know the price of the aircraft.
I don't like the income 50x modifier can I change that ?

Yes you can but not for you current company, you'll have to create a 'company scenario' and create a new company.

Notice the 50x modifier was carefully designed to give you a fair game
and a nice career, of course you have x50 fee but also x50 income.
Setting it to lower number would imply that it may take you forever to buy
bigger aircraft.

The income modifier setting as well as several advanced setting is not available by the normal create company dialog this is why you have to
create a scenario for that.

Open the FsPassengers folder and look into 'config/MissionGamesCfg/ a 'readme.txt' is into this folder to help you make a new scenario.
Once done, create a new company using your scenario. Notice you can transfer
your pilot to this new company, they will play under the new rules.
I don't like the market offer for one aircraft ?

If you don't like the market offer for one aircraft simply
make a FSP flight with another aircraft.
Once you'll record this flight the market offer will change.

Why this ? as you can change date in Fs2004 a progression cannot be based on
date. One would be allowed to simply change the date to have a different market.
Therefore for this case the 'time basis' is the 'FSP flight'

You may also fly normally with your old plane and check regularly the market.
As in reality the good opportunities are not always available at the time you
need them.

I'm not complaining, but my pilot has been promoted early

Your pilot will be promoted if he has enough points AND flight time.

However, you can receive an early promotion based of exceptional performances of your pilot. (bonus points)

So if you are promoted early, it's because you are flying very well!
My pilot is dead how can I get it back ?

If you made a serious pilot error you may consider this event as fair and restart a career, the risk of death add a lot to the game.

Anyway if you feel your death was unfair due perhaps to a Fs2004 bug or other bad event you can resurrect your pilot using this tool:

Related question:
My pilot is wounded how can I heal him ?
My pilot is wounded how can I heal him ?

You can pay to heal him instantly go to FsPassengers menu/company manager or you can simply make flight with other pilots, each flight your pilot will be healed by a small amount. (it take about 5-6 flight to get it fully back)

Related question:
My pilot is dead how can I get it back ?

  Payload model
Can we make cargo only payload model ?


it's just a matter of having the right payload model... you can transform any aircraft into a cargo transporters.

There are some cargo versions already made:

Basically, you just need to define a payload model without passenger loading points, and with bigger weight for cargo.

You can also edit ANY existing payload model, then save it with the same name
followed by ' (cargo)' keyword (one space before '(cargo)'. This payload will now be available in the drop box of the payload loader screen just after your usual 'pax' payload model.


Say you fly with the 747-400, you usually get this payload model loaded:

This payload model is called '747-400.ini' in the payload_model folder. Edit it with the payload editor, remove pax, increase cargo capacity and save it with this new name '747-400 (cargo).ini' it will now be available in the top left drop box of FsPax payload dialog.

Et voila, 747-400 cargo model... now to make it even nicer you can design a new image for this payload model and assign the new image for the '747-400 (cargo).ini' payload model in the payload model editor.

By default FsP have a 737-400 cargo version, see how it is selected in the drop box 'payload model'

Here a tutorial about payload model, how to make image, edit them etc etc:

Related Questions:

FsP can't find the good payload model for one aircraft ?

First be aware of the 'more download' section of the site which allow you to download more payload model here:

HOW IT WORK ? FsPassengers detect payload model based on the name of your aircraft, if you open the folder 'FsPassengers/payload model' you will see plenty of 'ini' file with different name as '737-400.ini' for example. The name of those ini file will be used as a keyword to do a search on the aircraft name, if it match you'll have this payload model. Example if in FsPassengers you buy an aircraft and its name is 'Boeing 737-400 by PMDG' this payload model '737-400.ini' will match the aircraft name and will be available in the payload loader of FsPassengers.

Anyway as there is a lot of possible name for an aircraft sometime it may appear that an aircraft don't have a name that is recognized even if you have payload model for this aircraft type. Example: 'Airbus 320 by Phil defer' the problem here is that there is 'a320.ini'
payload model but not '320.ini' payload model, so this aircraft will not have a dedicated payload model even the a320 is available in ini file.
Solution: either you change the title= line of the aircraft.cfg so it have a name that is recognized either in this case simply open the 'payload_model' folder copy the file 'a320.ini' and rename the copy '320.ini'

the name of the 'ini' file define the keyword that will be used to search if your aircraft's name match. The longer ini name that match will be chosen first but if other match also they will be available in the drop box of the payload screen.


You buy an aircraft : 'Boeing 737-400 by Arthur Glance from PMDG'

All those ini file will work and will be available in the 'payload loader':
Boeing 737-400.ini
Arthur Glance.ini
Boeing 737-400 by Arthur Glance from PMDG.ini

The longer that match will be available by default and showed when you open the payload loader dialog but the others will be available in the drop list on the left. In our example you'll have the payload model 'Boeing 737-400 by Arthur Glance from PMDG.ini' showed first.

Related question:

How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?

Loading passengers causes my aircraft to be overweight...

see: My aircraft is overweight BEFORE adding any passengers.

I got a penalty because FsP said I made a dangerous landing/takeoff and I don't know why!

Problem can arise when you land at an addon airport all of a sudden the PAX are 50% in fear. FsP told ' Pax were angry because you made what seemed to be a dangerous landing/takeoff.'

This problem occurs because one area is misdesigned in the addon airport (i.e.: it look like a runway but it's declared as grass or other surface internally. What you see is not what you get)! It will happen only if your speed is over 35knt AND you are not on a declared runway.

Although the surface declaration is in the Fs2004's core, many add-on author don't care about this declaration.

Three solution:

Download and install the afcad file for the addon airport you have installed. this afcad file is usually found at the addon airports website, or alternatively at download websites like

Edit the AFCAD file to declare this airport's landing strip as it should be with 'asphalt' or other correct surface. You can use AFCAD tool to do so, see
this site to download it: (afcad 2.21)

You can simply disable this penalty in FsPassengers, this is not very elegant
as it will allow you now to land with a 747 on grass but if you really don't
want to dig in the afcad stuff it can help.
To disable this penalty edit this line in the FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg file:
DisableRollOutsideLandingStrip =0; // disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty

Change the 0 for an 1 and voilà!

Related Question:
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?
I have unfair penalties how can I disable them ?
I got penalties because the service was ended by landing

You might have a look at this excel service time table:
I have always flaps penalties ?

FsPassengers need at least one notch of flaps at take-off (many aircraft need between 1 or 3 notch of flaps at take-off in reality) and at least one notch at landing, the check is performed just after take-off below 200 feet and just after landing.

Things to remember is : set before take off at least one notch and keep them until 200 feet and before landing at least one notch.

On some rare aircraft as the Cessna 172 flap at take-off is not an obligation to workaround FsP penalties either you set just one notch before take-off either you can disable this penalty. Browse to Fs2004 folder than open the file FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg with notepad and edit this line as below:
DisableFlapCheck =1; // disable flap not set penalty

Related question:
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?
I have unfair penalties how can I disable them ?

I have always lights penalites ?

Aircraft's panel problem:
First be aware that some panel don't have the required button separated
(strobe, landing light and beacon) Some panel have two lights connected
to one button (strobe and beacon for example) And last some use their
own system not connected to Fs2004 value (as PMDG for example)

if you have one of the above case disable the light penalty in FsPassengers
to fly those aircraft or edit the panel.cfg to replace with the correct button.

Now if you have the correct button:

Simple light penalty:
Landing lights must be turned ON under FL100 and OFF above FL100.

Realistic light penalty:
1. Beacon must be turned ON when an engine is about to be started.
2. Strobe and landing lights must be turned ON when you leave the taxi way and enter the landing strip.
3. Landing lights must be turned OFF above FL100 and ON under FL100.
4. Strobe and landing light must be turned OFF when you enter the taxi way after landing.
5. Beacon must be turned OFF only after you have shut down all the engines.
6. Nav light must be ON during the entire flight.

To explain a bit how work FsP in Realistic mode and help you avoid penalty:

-FsP detect when an engine is running if this is the case it then look beacon
state. If they are off=penalty

-FsP detect parking brake to decide if he's on taxi way, if they are ON and
landing light and/or strobe are also ON= penalty

-If you are taxiing at more than 60kts FsP look strobe and landing light state
if they are OFF=penalty (you are NOT supposed to taxi at more than 30kts)

How to make a successful flight in realistic mode:
1. Prior to start the FsP flight shutdown all lights and all engines.
2. start the FsP flight.
3. Start beacon.
4. Start Engine.
5. Release parking brake.
6. Put strobe and landing light on.
7. Take-off.
8. Put Off landing light when passing Transition altitude (10K feet usually)
9. Put On landing light when descending below TA.
10. Landing.
11. Put Off landing light and strobe when taxi speed below 30 Kts.
12. Set parking brake, Shut down engines.
13. End flight or shut down Beacon before ending flight.

Common error that can lead to penalty:
Taxiing at more than 30kts (this is a FAULT anyway)
Setting parking brake to brake when taxiing.

I have penalty for exceeding MTOW ?

Why can't we exceed the MTOW?

MTOW is a weight that should NEVER be exceeded. It's
true that this weight offers a safety margin below the actual maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft (or maximum gross weight of the
In real life, the MTOW is NEVER exceeded. That's a risk airlines are not willing to take. It's better to de-board a few pax and/or some cargo as opposed to risking EVERYTHING and EVERYONE on board with an overweight
aircraft. It's just not worth it!
I have unfair penalties how can I disable them ?

First question yourself: are those penalty really unfair ?... many time it may appear that you simply forgot an essential things or simply don't know some basic rules as the taxi speed limit, fuel limit etc. etc. Also if you get overspeed penalty it's often because your weather addon is not set properly and give instant (and unrealistic) burst of wind. Think twice and read or ask perhaps in the forum before disabling some penalty.

Anyway if you find a penalty really unfair you can disable a lot of them editing the file 'more_option.cfg' with notepad.

Browse to your Fs2004 folder and open the file 'FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg' with notepad.

Using this file you can disable for example:
'250kts speed below 10'000 ft penalty'
'disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty'
'disable gear speed penalty'
'disable flap speed penalty'
'disable overspeed penalty'
'disable G penalty'
'disable bank penalty'
'disable reverse thrust less than 60kts penalty'

And there is other parameter that you can set, a really useful file.

Related question:
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?
You landed at the wrong destination...

The most common error is that you made a typo when entering the ICAO code for
destination. The code you really entered is showed in the penalty line 'You
landed at the wrong destination (XXXX)'

If your 100% sure and this line match this may be a scenery error, to add more
feature some scenery author use 'cheat' and add false airport point.

This is the case for example with at least scenery at EHAM or EDDB.

In some case also two airport are really close.

FsP ask the Fs2004 GPS about the closest airport when you end the FsP flight,
so to check you may look at the Fs2004 GPS that will show you the nearest
airport when landed. This can help you detect 'fake' airport or other scenery

  Problems, 'Bugs'
FsPassengers ask to modify an aircraft and 'CTD' (crash to desktop) when modifying

This may happen if the aircraft.cfg is HUGE.

What FsP try to add are simply more payload point with a weight of zero,
FsP need 7 payload point. You can add them yourself or send me the file
I'll do it manually for you.

How to ADD more payload point ?

Find the related aircraft.cfg open with notepad and find the line:


Now count the number of line as 'station_load.0' 'station_load.1' etc etc
simply add the missing line until 'station_load.6' copy this line below:
station_load.xx = '0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, FsStation'

and rename the 'xx' with the good number.

Example BEFORE modification:

max_gross_weight = 150000 // (pounds)
empty_weight = 74170 // (pounds)
reference_datum_position = 0, 0, 0 // (feet) distance from FlightSim Reference position: (1/4 chord, centerline, waterline)
empty_weight_CG_position = -5, 0, 0 // (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from specified datum
max_number_of_stations = 50
station_load.0 = '170.0, 41.0, -1.5, 0.0, Pilot' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum
station_load.1 = '170.0, 41.0, 1.5, 0.0, Copilot' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet)
station_load.2 = '510.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, Crew' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet)
station_load.3 = '1360.0, 25.5, 0.0, 0.0, First class' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal,

Example AFTER modification:

max_gross_weight = 150000 // (pounds)
empty_weight = 74170 // (pounds)
reference_datum_position = 0, 0, 0 // (feet) distance from FlightSim Reference position: (1/4 chord, centerline, waterline)
empty_weight_CG_position = -5, 0, 0 // (feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from specified datum
max_number_of_stations = 50
station_load.0 = '170.0, 41.0, -1.5, 0.0, Pilot' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum
station_load.1 = '170.0, 41.0, 1.5, 0.0, Copilot' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet)
station_load.2 = '510.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, Crew' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, lateral, vertical positions from datum (feet)
station_load.3 = '1360.0, 25.5, 0.0, 0.0, First class' //Weight (lbs), longitudinal, vertical positions from datum (feet)
station_load.4 = '0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, FsPStation'
station_load.5 = '0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, FsPStation'
station_load.6 = '0.0, 0.0, 0.0, 0.0, FsPStation'

As you see those point have a zero weight and zero position, without FsP they will do nothing.
FsP will modify them in memory as needed but it need that they be declared so they exist in

My aircraft is overweight BEFORE adding any passengers.

This is usually a result of the aircraft maker, adding extra weight to the aircrafts ‘empty weight’ to simulate passengers on board. Obviously when you add more passengers via FsP, you take the aircraft overweight.


Find the correct ‘empty weight' of the aircraft. is a good source for this.

Open the aircraft cfg file in notepad (typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\Aircraft\your chosen plane\aircraft.cfg).

Under the heading [weight_and_balance] adjust the empty weight to the correct value.

Save updated file.

NOTE: On some aircraft, carrying 100% fuel and 100% pax and cargo is not possible in the real world. In this situation you would have to decide between carrying less fuel, or leaving some pax behind.
My airplane bounces causing FsP to say I had a hard landing or crash. I was at the gate (or on the runway, or taxiing)!

This is normally attributed to one of two things, and NOT FsP related.

1. The contact points in the aircraft.cfg are wrong. This is the area of the file that tells the sim where your aircraft is touching the 'ground'
Notice sometimes aircraft that the contact points are set too far down causing the wheels to be half in the tarmac. Bouncing is normally
attributed to the opposite - they are too high. FIX: save a backup of the aircraft.cfg for that airplane. Go into the original in the FS9 aircraft
folder for that aircraft and edit the points yourself if you know what you are doing, or contact the developer of the aircraft and ask them
nicely if they can review the contact points as you are having bouncing issues.

2. You have changed views after landing or preparing to take off. Best advise stay in either the 2D panel or VC cockpit mode. Chances are
your scenery is already rendered if in either of those. When you change views you force your graphics card to rerender the scenery
around your aircraft AND your aircraft (notice the fuzzy ground textures from the outside depending on your system, this can be fast or take
a while) Your scenery as it is rendering can be changing level a few feet as the mesh is rendering (especially with detailed landscape
meshes). Notice your altitude gauge shimmies a little bit when the plane is bouncing.
My advise again is to not change views until AFTER you are parked and all pax have left the aircraft. In my personal experience, not
changing views has dropped the bounce effect to the most rare of occasions. I have also noticed less chance with the bounce when in
2D panel or VC mode rather than external view.
My FsPassengers flight don't start after loading the aircraft

This was a bug with a previous version of FsPassengers,
please upgrade for the latest FsPassengers version.

Related question:
How can I upgrade, find which version I have ?
Will I loose my flight, company or pilot data if I upgrade ?
My fuel report is completely wrong in flight report

This is because you parked or rolled near a fuel station after starting the
FsPassengers flight. You tank are then filled again messing the fuel number.

There is no workaround for this problem just take care to not pass over a fuel station (square with a 'F')
My new aircraft did not have any payload points and after FSP 'fixed it,' the center of gravity is way off...

First off, make sure you have an aircraft DESIGNED for FS2004. FS2002 and before use a different loading system that will throw your
payload way off.

Project Opensky Users
Make sure you have the LATEST flight dynamics and configuration files. These can be found in the Project OpenSky Forums by visiting:

The easiest way to find out what version you are using is to look at your aircraft.cfg file and find the version in the [description] header. If it
reads 2004.X.X, you are using a model for FS2004. If it reads, 2002.X.X, you are using one designed for FS2002.

Second, the FS Passengers loading points that it inserts SHOULD NOT affect the center of gravity. They are loaded up so everything is balanced in the middle.

Third, some aircraft have payload points that were poorly inserted. You should be able to find the data (usually readily available from a Google search) for the aircraft's loading and then mathematically figure out the loading points yourself. If you are unable or are having trouble with this, many of us here would be happy to assist.

Finally, some aircraft were just poorly designed from the flight dynamics up. We can't do much about this. If you feel this is the case, try doing this: Make sure you have a completely empty airplane. Put 25% fuel total on board and then take it for a ride. If it performs badly (way outside of the data references that you find), junk it and find another.
My pilot points turned negative ?

This was a bug with the initial release of FsPassengers,
please upgrade for the latest FsPassengers version.
This will also restore your pilot point.

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Will I loose my flight, company or pilot data if I upgrade ?

  The good advice of Captain John Doe
Can I add information in FsP kneeboard before running Fs9 ?

FsP Kneeboard (you should have latest version to have them)
are accessible at any time even if you didn't started a FsP flight.

Anyway there is a tips to add also information to them even if
you didn't started Fs9 yet.

look in the 'FsPassengers/bin' folder there are 4 files called:

this is the file to edit with notepad.

If they don't appear:

it's because you never entered any information in the kneeboard tab, enter garbage text in the four kneeboard tab and the files will now appear in the 'bin' folder ready for you to edit BEFORE the flight or at any moment
for what it matter. (they are opened only when you view the kneeboard)

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How can I upgrade, find which version I have ?
Get more bonus for each flight

Bonus set also your pilot's rank so it's always useful to get more bonus for each flight.

You will have additional bonus for the following:

-If you make a nice landing (<250feet/m)
-If you land in bad weather. (wind and or turbulence)
-If you make a flight more than 2 hours without using time acceleration.
-If you make a perfect flight without problems.
-If you declare an emergency when there is one.
-If you land at the scheduled airport. (set destination)
-If you arrive in time. (set destination)

If you do all the following you can get as much as 500 points for a flight.
see this flight for example:

A good way to get a LOT of bonus is to have a failure and land safely. If failure don't come often for your taste you can set an higher failure percentage in 'difficulty setup' or you can fly in a war area and get a lot of damage, if you land safely after that you can get as much as 3000 points... be aware that you'll to pay for the damage anyway. A choice to make. See this flight for example:

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How can I add the FsPassengers Pirep system for my VA/homepage

The pirep system of FsPassengers allow user to export their flight
report to your site, see example here:

Installing this feature is simple, you just need a site with PHP and MySql,
a script is available and simple to install.


You'll need the following:

1-Your site's MySQL server name.
2-the name of the MySQL database name you'll use.
3-the password of the MySQL database.
4-The php import script.
5-An FTP access to your site.


Download the php script, look this post for the link:

unzip the script, don't forget to read the read-me.txt included.
Login FTP to your site, create a subdirectory (example 'fspva')
and upload all the scripts to the subdirectory.
You should have now a 'fspva/FsPadmin' directory else you made an error.

Log in http to the admin of FsP: if for example your url was
'' you can access now the FsP admin with such url:
'' enter 'demo' 'demo' as username
and password. (If it doesn't work take GREAT care about case, most
site will refuse a '' link. ('FsPadmin'
not the right case)

Once logged go to 'edit setting' and enter the correct MySQL setting: server
name, database name and password. Uncheck 'debug localhost' if you make your
try online. If your data is right the right tab should now say 'connected'
The admin will now give a link to create automatically the required table on
your database, click on this link.

If all is ok, go to user admin, create a user, go to edit setting, choose
your units and the welcome message and don't forget to change the admin password.

Now it miss you just a 'config' file to put in your FsPassengers directory
so FsPassengers can export the flight to your site, see the example provided

Don't forget to read the 'read-me.txt'

Once your VA use FsP pirep system you can add a request to be added on the
link section here:
using this form:

And don't forget you can add a banner 'FsPassengers certified' or 'FsPassenger pirep' on your site, see the banner page (bottom) here:

How can I calculate how much fuel I will need?

This question has been asked time and time again. In order to answer this question you will need some reference data from your

Start by loading up your aircraft with about 50% fuel, with the FS2004 weather set to clear skies, 59F(15C). Take off from your desired
airport and climb up to the normal cruise altitude for that aircraft. Now, look at the gauges and note your fuel rate of burn per engine.
Generally speaking, most gauges give this in pounds/hour, however, some panels may give this in kilograms/hr or even pounds/minute!
In short, look at one gauge, and then multiply that by the number of engines you have on your aircraft. You should have a rough estimate
of your fuel consumption per hour of flight. You may also wish to note your ground speed at this point, it will come in handy later.

Next, you need to calculate your total time enroute. This topic is found in another FAQ, however, I will touch the basics that apply only to
fuel calculation. Your total time enroute can be calculated by the formula Time = Distance/Ground Speed. Ground speed is total air
speed corrected for wind. To calculate your estimated ground speed, consult a weather website such as the National Weather Service
from the USA that provides winds aloft charts for the majority of the world.

Once you have your estimated time enroute, fuel calculation is easy. For this example, I am going to use some rough numbers on a 747-
400 flight from RJAA (Tokyo Narita) to KMSP (Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN):

Total Estimated Enroute Time = 12:00
747-400 Fuel Rate of Burn = 24 000 lbs/hr
Total Trip Fuel Required = 24 000 * 12 = 288 000 lbs of fuel

Now, once you have that number, add one hour for your reserve, or in this case, 24 000 lbs for a total of 312 000 lbs. Now, take that
number and add 10% to it for the 'unknowns' of the trip (such as slower ground speed than anticipated, etc) so we have 312 000 * .10 =
31 200 lbs + 312 000 lbs = 343 200 lbs total required fuel.

You may also add additional fuel for such items as taxi, holding, etc, if you wish, however, the formulas that I used above should be
sufficient for any trip.

On a final note, I am sure that the thought has crossed your mind, 'What about the extra fuel I burn on climbout?' Believe it or not, that if
you calculate the fuel you burn on climbout and then subtract the fuel that you burn on descent, you will come up with a number that is
VERY CLOSE to your cruise fuel rate of burn. In short, adding additional fuel for climb is not necessary.
How can I calculate the time taken for a flight ?

To work out how long a flight will be, use the 'flight planner' in the first FS2004 menu.

Set your departure airport and the destination airport.

Press the 'Find' button to calculate the route.

Press the 'navlog' button.

In the new window, you will see how long FS estimates for your flight.

Now don't type in this number, as it's not really that accurate. This number is calculating max cruise speed non-stop from A to B. It does not take into account taxing, climbing speed, then cruise speed once your 30 minutes into the flight, and then the same thing again descending to your destination.

To get better precision, take the ETE number, add 5-10 (this could be even longer if using Ultimate Traffic at a busy airport) for taxiing at the two airports, and tack on another 10-20minutes to account for MSFS' ATC routing you to the ILS for landing (you'll be flying that at 250kts, not mach .85).

Example: You're in a small airport heading for a busy one. FS told you it will be a 2h50 trip.
First add 5 minutes for taxiing.

You're coming from the east but you know ATC will give you landing clearance from the west, so you will have to make a 'U-turn'. Add 20 minutes.

Since you're landing at a busy airport, you should taxi for long. So add 10 minutes.

Your trip will be 3h25 at least.

NOTE: Do not include pax loading and unloading times, the time is from when you release the park brake at the departure airport, until you set it at the destination
How can I fly helicopter with FsPassengers ?

FsPassengers was not designed to use with heli this is why we don't officially support them
anyway you can use them making some little edit.

First you can't start a flight with many heli because they don't have a parking brake, there is an easy workaround,
edit the aircraft.cfg and search the line:
parking_brake = 0 //Parking brake available
toe_brakes_scale = 0.0 //Brake scalar

Edit it so it look like below:
parking_brake = 1 //Parking brake available
toe_brakes_scale = 600.0 //Brake scalar

(if the line are missing simply add them as above)

Second you'll have to remove some penalty, go to 'FsPassengers/config' folder and edit the file 'more_option.cfg'
with notepad, change the lines as below:

DisableRollOutsideLandingStrip =1; // disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty
DisableGearSpeedLimit =1; // disable gear speed penalty
DisableFlapSpeedLimit =1; // disable flap speed penalty
DisableFlapCheck =1; // disable flap not set penalty
DisableMaxPowerPenaltyWithBrake =1; // disable the penalty for pushing max power with parking brake.

If you have constant G penalty because your flight is rude you can also disable the G penalty:
DisableGLimit =1; // disable G penalty

I suggest to create a copy of the more_option.cfg and rename the copy and original so you can easily switch between
heli and normal plane.

Third Heli don't have payload model, this is not too bad as you'll have a default plane payload model but be aware that
you can find some heli payload model in 'more download' and also creating one is simple see here:

Now when you fly, don't forget to release the parking brake before lift of and set them after landing.

Happy flying.

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How can I have all my flight report into viewable files on my local disk ?

Each time you view a flight report in FsP a file is created
in FsPassengers directory 'LastViewedReport.rtf' wich contain
your flight report exactly as showed in FsPassengers.

RTF file is Microsoft rich edit file viewable with word, wordpad etc etc.

It's just a matter to rename this file to save it definitively.

Example: switch FS2004 in windowed mode, once here bring the
pilot's flight log list and click one flight, rename
the 'lastviewedreport.rtf' to whatever you want, yymmdd_date, flight id etc etc. Now click on next flight, rename click etc etc...

Now you can do whatever you want with those files, keep them all in a
directory, past them all in a word page (so you can do text search)
and export them to excel etc etc...

How to find/open the FsPassengers folder without pain ?

A lot of things can be tuned, edited added in FsP, for this anyway you always need to go to the FsPassengers folder. This one is in your Fs2004 folder but it can be boring sometime to find it.

Click the window 'start' button then browse to 'Programs/FsPassengers' and click on 'Open FsPassengers folder'
John Doe's FsP flight procedure

What are the potential problems associated with using 'Autorecord.'?

When autorecord is turned on, all results are instantly recorded in the company/pilot records. While this provides a more 'lifelike' experience, it
also means any software bugs, computer glitches, or unrealistic and potentially unfair result get recorded as well, with possibly disappointing
consequences. This option should only be used if a player willing to accept the risk of encountering these random and potentially unfair consequences.

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