FsPassengers 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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FsPassengers can't find a good payload model for an aircraft?
First be aware of the 'More Download' section of the site which allows you to download more payload models:

FsPassengers detects the payload model based on the name of your aircraft. If you open the folder
'FsPassengers/payload model' you will see plenty of 'ini' files with different names such as '737-400.ini' for example.
The name of those ini files will be used as a keyword to do a search on the aircraft name. If it matches you'll
have this payload model.

Example: If in FsPassengers you buy an aircraft and its name is 'Boeing 737-400 by PMDG' - The payload model
'737-400.ini' will match the aircraft name and will be available in the payload loader of FsPassengers.

Anyway: As there is a lot of possible names for an aircraft, sometimes it may appear that an aircraft doesn't have a
name that is recognized even if you have a payload model for this aircraft type. Example: 'Airbus 320 by Phil defer'
The problem here is that there is an 'a320.ini' payload model but not '320.ini' payload model, so this aircraft
will not have a dedicated payload model even if the a320 is available in the ini file.

Solution: Either you change the title= line of the aircraft.cfg so it has a name that is recognized, or
simply open the 'payload_model' folder and copy the file 'a320.ini' and rename the copy to '320.ini'

The name of the 'ini' file defines the keyword that will be used to search if your aircrafts name matches.
The longer ini name that matches will be chosen first but if others match, they will also be available in the drop box
of the payload screen.


You buy an aircraft : 'Boeing 737-400 by Robert Hawk from AIRCREW'

All of these ini files might work and will be available in the 'payload loader':
Boeing 737-400.ini
Robert Hawk.ini
Boeing 737-400 by Robert Hawk from AIRCREW.ini

The longest that matches will be available by default and shown when you open the payload loader dialog. The
others will be available in the drop list on the left. In our example you'll have the payload model
'Boeing 737-400 by Robert Hawk from AIRCREW.ini' shown first.

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