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Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1970 - zeppelin NTHits: 922   
This is a paylod madel of the Zeppelin NT

Author: KJA  |  2010-02-20  |  Users Rating: 7.24/10 (29 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  532 - ZeppelinHits: 1556   
Yes... a zeppelin. A very nice and unique addon (payware) that can be found on this page:

This is the payload model for this add-on. (notice it replace the older version, this one will work better and have complete instructions)


As they used a trick to make it fly in Fs2004 we must cheat also, complete instruction for installation and use included
in this download. (remain simple)

Don't miss also the 1930 music sound pack if you want to add to the feeling see here:

Author: DanSteph  |  2005-11-05  |  Users Rating: 8.03/10 (29 votes)    Download

2 results found.

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