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Logo  Logo  |  2153 - Air Berlin PositiveHits: 1025   

Posive Logo from Airberlin. Have Fun, best Regards, Frank

Author: Frank Kunath  |  2011-06-23  |  Users Rating: 5.97/10 (29 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2149 - PIC Legacy payload ModelHits: 730   
PIC Legacy 600 Embraer payload model.

Author: davidpenney  |  2011-06-17  |  Users Rating: 8.06/10 (16 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2147 - Convair 240 payload modelHits: 730   
I couldn't found a payload model for my new convair 240, so, i made it. Enjoy!

Author: Mariano Pedro Bernacki  |  2011-06-13  |  Users Rating: 3.75/10 (28 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2146 - Messerschmitt BF 108 BHits: 524   
This is a payload model for the Messerschmitt BF 108 B. I made this cause i bought the great model vom "Classics Hangar" and missed it in the payload-model list.
Its the first one that i did and maybe ill change the max weight vor the payload, but all over im happy with the result.

Author: kleineMax  |  2011-06-08  |  Users Rating: 6.94/10 (16 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  2144 - Privilege ServiceHits: 597   
the realy one VIP Air Service for Boeing BBJ Aircraft
Author: Frank Kunath  |  2011-05-21  |  Users Rating: 5.94/10 (17 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  2142 - Lufthansa Cargo LogoHits: 778   
newest Logo of Lufthansa Cargo
Author: Frank Kunath  |  2011-05-13  |  Users Rating: 7.12/10 (16 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2139 - Sky Airlines Payload Models - V3Hits: 756   
*** New Version With Corrections And New Fleet Members ***

Payload Models are based on real aircraft configurations and cargo capacities ...

B737-400 : TC-SKB , TC-SKD , TC-SKE , TC-SKF , TC-SKG , TC-SKM
B737-800 : TC-SKH , TC-SKR , TC-SKS , TC-SKU
B737-900 : TC-SKN , TC-SKP
A321 : TC-SKI

VA Homepage :
Real Airline Homepage :

Author: B.Fatih KOZ  |  2011-05-05  |  Users Rating: 6.56/10 (25 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2138 - RealAir Turbine DukeHits: 946   
Payload model for the RealAir Turbine Duke. The stations are based on the aircraft.cfg and recalculated for FSP (note: cargo goes in the front). Screenshot is made at Aerosoft's Lelystad X (EHLE). Please feel free to post your comments.

Author: PK  |  2011-05-01  |  Users Rating: 6.39/10 (18 votes)    Download

Tools and Doc  Tools and Doc  |  2137 - VoicePackCreator for FS9Hits: 1383   
Here is the voice pack creator of FSPassengersX corrected for FS9. Simply extract everything in your FSPassengers2004 directory and you'll be able to create a voice pack very easily using this great tool of Dan.

This is a work from Daniel Polli and NOT FROM ME. I only corrected different files so it fits with FSPassengers2004 voice packs. All rights go to Dan.

Happy "voicepacking" !
Author: Bibi Uncle  |  2011-04-25  |  Users Rating: 7.61/10 (23 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2136 - Boeing 747-8 IntercontinentalHits: 1904   
Real PayLoad Model aircraft Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

Author: EricKlepton  |  2011-04-21  |  Users Rating: 7.05/10 (41 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  2135 - Flight Report BackgroundHits: 638   
If you are bored with simple black and white Flight report,you can simply add your own picture as background to your FSP to replace the original file(XProgram FilesMicrosoft GamesMicrosoft Flight Simulator FsPassengersUserImagesbanner
),Here is an example.
there are 2 back ground picture (jpg file) in it,1 is for my own Airline company(Frederisa Airline→a combination of me and my GF's name),2nd one is a flight report back ground of ASC(Airtraffic Safety Committee)/Executive Yuan/Republic of China.
you can also use paint tool to delete and creat your own logo~~~
Author: Fred Hwu Chen  |  2011-04-11  |  Users Rating: 8.00/10 (5 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2132 - IFly Boeing 737-800 S7 AirlinesHits: 5948   
loader for S7 Airlines Boeing 737-800 by IFly

Author: tyazhkiy  |  2011-04-05  |  Users Rating: 6.51/10 (67 votes)    Download

Others  Others  |  2129 - War-area update APR2011Hits: 6053   
Updates the default war-area zones in Fspassengers.

Removed war area around Cali, Colombia.
Removed war area Liberia.
Removed war area Cote d'Ivore N.
Added war area Ivory coast.
Added war area Libya.
Added 'unrest'-area east Colombia.
Added 'unrest'-area Egypt.
Added 'unrest'-area Bahrain.
Added 'unrest'-area Syria.
Added 'unrest'-area North/South Korea border.
Reduced war risk Iraq.
Reduced war risk Afghanistan NE.
Increased war risk Afghanistan SW.

Install instructions included.
Author: Daniel Schilder  |  2011-04-01  |  Users Rating: 9.14/10 (76 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  2126 - Rockstar Money ManagementHits: 1911   
This is my first scenario that I've created and uploaded, hope you enjoy!!

You just got your pilot's license and decided to call your friend; a semi-famous rock star
Dick Richards from the "Swinging Nobs". He tells you he's excited, and that he has decided
that he REALLY needs to get smarter with his money. Instead of investing in Wall Street or
clubs or fancy cars - he wants to invest in your start-up FBO! In order for him to make his
money last until he retires, he wants to invest in a sound company, and get free flights while he's at it
(from you, of course!). Therefore he's decided to loan you and your fellow pilots and associates
$3,000,000 in cash.
You were SO excited with dreams of owning your OWN FLEET of aircraft, you
basically promised him the world in return for his money. Here are his conditions for the loan;
He wants to qudruple his investment. He also said that, although "any press is good press", he
feels that if you crash more than 2 times, you'll make him look bad, and therefore he'll revoke
his loan. Finally, he wants to put his name on your aircraft, and he feels that would only be
worth the effort if you have a "decent number of awesome planes". In other words, you need to
have 5 aircraft with a gross empty weight of 5000+ lbs. Aircraft of this size are in the
range of large single turboprops or King Air-type aircraft. He'll leave the aircraft
selection up to you.
So there you have it: $3,000,000 to buy your starting aircraft. Remember, don't crash too often!
You will start from scratch as you just got your pilot's license. Also, you need to make
$12,000,000 in cash so that your friend can live the life of luxury in retirement. Don't end
up with less than $10,000 in cash however or you'll have to forclose your company. Your
FBO is new, and no one's heard of you in the aviation industry, so your reputation is low.
You have a friend who's a good mechanic and another friend who's a financial and marketing wizard
so you will have those advantages. With that in mind, good luck!

Please email me with questions or comments: dsmedic10-at-gmail-dot-com
Author: Derald  |  2011-03-04  |  Users Rating: 7.84/10 (45 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  2125 - Eastern Airways LogoHits: 1089   
great Logo for the Eastern Airways
the UK BAe Jetstream41 Airline

Author: Frank Kunath  |  2011-03-04  |  Users Rating: 5.19/10 (31 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2122 - Kodiak Quest floatplaneHits: 1317   
For Kodiak Quest amphib but set up for any Kodiak aircraft. Read the README_NOW file.

Author: slim  |  2011-02-23  |  Users Rating: 4.00/10 (30 votes)    Download

Maps  Maps  |  2119 - Maps for FSP FS2004(FS9)Hits: 3208   
Additional map for FS2004(FS9)

America - north
America - south 2
Asia - China 2
Asia - East
Asia - Indian Ocean
Asia - Korea (North)
Asia - Korea (South)
Asia - Korea
Asia - South-East
Asia - Taiwan
Europe - Switzerland
North Atlantic
Oceania - New Zealand
Usa - Hawaii


Author: Michael Schnellmann  |  2011-02-20  |  Users Rating: 6.03/10 (59 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2118 - Tu-154MHits: 2054   
Tupolev Tu-154M 2-class Business-16 Economy-126
Total passenger-142 it's normal configuration

Author: Alex  |  2011-02-19  |  Users Rating: 6.92/10 (38 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2116 - 737 southwestHits: 1548   

Author: Michael Tramaglino  |  2011-02-13  |  Users Rating: 5.18/10 (28 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  2115 - Austrian national melodiHits: 2414   
here is Austrian national melodi. There comes more....
Author: Adel Bayoumi  |  2011-02-09  |  Users Rating: 6.35/10 (49 votes)    Download

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