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This is a list I made of 316 of the United States' most used international, regional, or otherwise commercial airports. The list is in alphabetical order by state. Each airport is assigned a number from 1 to 316.

The purpose of the list is to facilitate the choosing of random airports to fly to and from. Simply find a random number picker off the internet ( works well) and pick two random numbers between 1 and 316. Lets say 152 and 235 are picked. Congratulations, you now have a planned flight between DTW in Detriot MI and PDX in Portland OR! If you don't like the nembers picked, just pick new ones. This list is a great tool for the undecisive.
Author: Jacob Wood  |  2005-07-14  |  Users Rating: 4.77/10 (31 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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