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Flight ReportFlight: HH891Date: 2019-05-26Riffa Air
Pilot's Name / UserNameNaser Madhkoor Turki / visitor
Aircraft Name:Airbus A320-232 cfm AEROLINEAS 2010
Aircraft Type:Multi Engine Jet (MEJ)
Departure:EDDB - Schonefeld - Germany
Arrival:EIDW - Dublin - Ireland
Departure Time:06:54:00 (04:54:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:09:18:00 (08:18:00 GMT)
Cargo:2712 kg
Flight Result:Perfect
Flight Data
Take-Off Weight:77083 kgLanding Weight:66071 kg
Take-Off fuel:19157 kgLanding Fuel:8135 kg
Total Block Time:03:24:04Total Block Time (Night):00:00:00
Total Airborne Time:03:22:57Total Time On Ground:00:03:12
Max Altitude:18001ftCruise Speed:311 kt (mach 0.49)
Landing Data
Landing Speed:114 kt
Landing Pitch:6.79
TouchDown Vertical Speed:-209.23 ft/mn
PAX Feedback
Passengers Opinion:100%
  • Were in a better mood because they had food.
  • Were annoyed by the music on the general speaker during flight. They prefer it on the ground.
  • Were very anxious because of the problem during flight.
  • Were relieved to land safely after an emergency.
Mayday Transmitted:yes
Incident Report:
  • One engine developed a problem, at first only a slight loss of power was noticeable with oil temperature rising The solution in such cases can be to lower the power slightly down to the point where the oil temperature stabilizes,however this was not done resulting in complete engine failure.
Pilot Assessment
Positive Assessment:
  • You made a very nice landing. (+50)
  • There was a problem aboard and you declared an emergency. (+150)
  • A serious problem occurred during flight but you landed safely, nice job. (+600)
Negative Assessment:-

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