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Flight ReportFlight: VW908Date: 2015-10-10Calypsoo
Pilot's Name / UserNamePiloot diego / visitor
Aircraft Name:FSPAP A319 TAM-PR-MAN (VC)
Aircraft Type:Multi Engine Jet (MEJ)
Departure:SBBV - Boa Vista - Brazil
Departure Time:16:47:00 (20:48:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:17:00:00 (21:00:00 GMT)
Cargo:771 kg
Flight Result:Crash
Flight Data
Take-Off Weight:46931 kgLanding Weight:46317 kg
Take-Off fuel:5562 kgLanding Fuel:4948 kg
Total Block Time:00:12:07Total Block Time (Night):00:00:00
Total Airborne Time:00:11:27Total Time On Ground:00:00:44
Max Altitude:5403ftCruise Speed:0 kt (mach 0.00)
Landing Data
Landing Speed:99 kt
Landing Pitch:7.69
TouchDown Vertical Speed:-672.31 ft/mn
PAX Feedback
Passengers Opinion:0%
  • Were irritated by the excess G-forces. (+1.26 0.00).
  • Were very anxious because of the problem during flight.
Mayday Transmitted:none
Incident Report:
  • The pilot exceeded the max airspeed for gear extended and gear was damaged. The flaps were extended at excessive airspeed and were damaged.
  • 9 passengers aboard
  • 4 killed
  • 4 injured
  • Pilot and flight crew were injured
Pilot Assessment
Positive Assessment:-
Negative Assessment:
  • Crash! You hit the ground with an impact speed of -672 ft/mn. There was a serious failure aboard before the crash, but you are trained to deal with these situations. You did not perform very well here. (-400)
  • You made a serious pilot error that resulted in a critical problem. (-800)
  • You had a serious failure aboard and you forgot to call a mayday. (-350)
  • Exceeding maximum speed of this aircraft is very dangerous. (-600)
  • You have exceeded the gear speed limit by 69.30kts (-692)
  • You have exceeded the flap speed limit by 58.24kts (-582)
  • Parking brake should only be used when that aircraft has stopped, you used it at speed of 13 kt your aircraft was damaged. (-91)

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