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Flight ReportFlight: AC577Date: 2014-09-24Air Canada
Pilot's Name / UserNameRicardo Alessandro T Tomelin / visitor
Aircraft Name:B737-200 Delta
Aircraft Type:Multi Engine Jet (MEJ)
Departure Time:14:45:00 (19:46:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:14:52:00 (19:53:00 GMT)
Cargo:0 kg
Flight Result:Horrible
Flight Data
Take-Off Weight:48733 kgLanding Weight:48625 kg
Take-Off fuel:8444 kgLanding Fuel:8096 kg
Total Block Time:00:06:41Total Block Time (Night):00:03:11
Total Airborne Time:00:02:07Total Time On Ground:00:04:39
Max Altitude:1466ftCruise Speed:0 kt (mach 0.00)
Landing Data
Landing Speed:163 kt
Landing Pitch:16.79
TouchDown Vertical Speed:2222.31 ft/mn
PAX Feedback
Passengers Opinion:0%
  • Are dissapointed because the flight was too short.
  • Were angry because you made what seemed to be a dangerous take-off.
  • Were anxious because they heard a loud sound coming from the rear of the aircraft upon take off.
Mayday Transmitted:none
Incident Report:
  • The pilot over rotated the aircraft upon take off and the tail hit the ground.
Pilot Assessment
Positive Assessment:-
Negative Assessment:
  • At departure airport you rolled at 147 kt beyond the edge of the runway.The landing gear sustained some damage and our company has received a fine of $1,617. (-735)
  • Parking brake should only be used when that aircraft has stopped, you used it at speed of 11 kt your aircraft was damaged. (-77)
  • You over rotated on take off and your tail struck the ground. (-300)
  • Stalling an aircraft full of passengers even with a problem aboard is NOT a good idea. (-150)
  • Pushing the engines to maximum power with parking brakes set is not a good idea. (-250)

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