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Flight ReportFlight: 3U358Date: 2015-03-08Sichuanairline
Pilot's Name / UserName%%%%%% / visitor
Aircraft Name:Feelthere A320 IAE Airbus Sichuan Airlines
Aircraft Type:Multi Engine Jet (MEJ)
Departure:ZUUU - Shuangliu - China
Arrival:ZUUU - Shuangliu - China
Departure Time:12:41:00 (06:42:00 GMT)
Arrival Time:13:19:00 (07:20:00 GMT)
Cargo:2267 kg
Flight Result:Horrible
Flight Data
Take-Off Weight:70892 kgLanding Weight:68933 kg
Take-Off fuel:16848 kgLanding Fuel:14757 kg
Total Block Time:00:37:28Total Block Time (Night):00:00:00
Total Airborne Time:00:29:54Total Time On Ground:00:12:22
Max Altitude:5419ftCruise Speed:0 kt (mach 0.00)
Landing Data
Landing Speed:152 kt
Landing Pitch:0.66
TouchDown Vertical Speed:-621.54 ft/mn
PAX Feedback
Passengers Opinion:83%
  • Hated that they did not see the entire movie.
  • Were terrified by your "dive of death".
  • Wonder if they landed or if they crashed (hard landing).
Mayday Transmitted:none
Incident Report:-
Pilot Assessment
Positive Assessment:
  • You landed at the scheduled airport. (+30)
Negative Assessment:
  • Using reverse thrust under 60kts is prohibited and dangerous, it can damage engine. (-300)
  • You made a very hard landing at -621 ft/mn and the tires sustained damage. (-400)
  • All aircraft are prohibited to exceed 250Kts below 10000 ft AMSL; your speed was 99 Kts above this limit Our company received a fine of $1,090. (-297)

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