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List of all FsPassengersP3D releases:

To know wich version you have, launch the flight simulator and click on FsPassengers Menu "About FsPassengers".
IMPORTANT: You must NOT uninstall FsPassengersP3D before installing an update. If you uninstall the previous version you'll loose all your flight data.

 Version released: 11 February 2017 (20170211)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.4 (latest patch 3.4.22).

 Version released: 01 January 2017 (20170101)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.4 (latest patch 3.4.18).

  • Corrected a problem with the installer when the Prepar3d registry is wrong.

 Version released: 20 November 2016 (20161120)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.4 (latest patch 3.4.14).

 Version released: 28 September 2016 (20160928)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.4 (latest patch 3.4.9).

 Version released: 18 June 2016 (20160618)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.3 (latest patch 3.3.5).

 Version released: 14 March 2016 (20160314)
  • Compatible with Prepar3D version 3.2 (latest patch 3.2.3).
  • New option to disable hostess random discussion in cockpit (See Setup->Crew sound enable/disable).
  • New German crew and attendant voicepack (was in "more download" previously).
  • New German crew voicepack (was in "more download" previously).
  • New French attendant voicepack (was in "more download" previously).

  • Reload aircraft (last flight/purchase location) wasn't working properly. (See menu 'fspassengers flight->restore last position') .
  • Virtual Airline: FsPassengers now accept "https" url.

 Version released: 23 January 2016 (20160123)
  • New advanced fuel loader: you can now enter the fuel by numbers (see payload dialog 'advanced fuel').
  • You can now define mini panel custom colors (right click on mini panel).
  • You can now tune the crew announcement logic, see menu 'FsPassengers Setup->tune crew announcement logic.
  • New reminder to make a backup of your database after 'nn' flight. By default 10 flights, you can set this delay in the backup utility.
  • Some dialog design changes.

  • Fixed unable to export flight for Virtual Airline (no menu).
  • Fixed Fuel bar needed two clicks to refresh.
  • Fixed Flight Map was missing from main menu.
  • Fixed 'AppCompatFlags' registry problem on some windows. (P3D ctd with 0xc0000005 error)
  • Fixed Various changes with code and compilation settings.
  • Fixed Lock of FsPassengers if you don't refresh it regularly (happened rarely on some machines).

 Version released: 22 December 2015 (20151222)
First release of FsPassengers on Prepar3D, it contain all the changes below since the first release of FSX version.

  • Dialog style and buttons layout changed.
  • FsPassengers main folder has been moved to "public/documents" to avoid file write problems.
  • Compatibility from Windows vista to Windows 10.
  • FsPassengers check for new update every 5 days and warn you it a new version is available (you can change the frequency from
    1 day to 30 day, see 'FsPassengers Setup....then General Setup') THIS CHECK IS ONLY MADE WHEN YOU START A FSPASSENGERS FLIGHT.
  • Prices can be displayed in values dating from 1913 to 2025 (inflation, see options).
  • New ATC chatter sound for the demo frequency.
  • New gate dialog.
  • New purchase aircraft dialog.
  • New dialog "learn FsPassengers in 6 images" during setup.
  • Copilot announces gear up and gear down.
  • The "Purchase FsP" dialogue can now teleport you to the allowed demo area.
  • More options for the boarding delay (up to 60 minutes now).
  • Mini panel recall it's last position.
  • Detect simulation rate changed by menu above 16x and limit it to 16x.
  • Collision detection with buildings is set to false by default in more_option.cfg.
  • The option to disable pax scream also silence the "turbulence fear" sound.
  • Added "no tire blow" in more_option.cfg (you can disable tire blowing for rough landing, see "DisableTireBlowingRoughLanding").
  • Crew and cabin sounds on external views can be enabled in the options. (default off).
  • Reworked pilots flight log with airports name and possibility to edit their name.
  • Better support for complex aircraft (Such as PMDG).
  • Movie.cfg updated.
  • Production date.cfg updated.
  • Changed in flight musics.
  • Money currency.cfg updated with latest money changes.
  • Improved the setup and uninstallation process.
  • Installation can be done for two versions, both P3D 2.5 and P3D 3.0 if you own them.
  • All programs and dll files have been compiled with the newest library.
  • Now use simconnect.
  • English source documentation in word format included in the language directory (for translation)

  • Fixed pax yell to much when turbulences.
  • Fixed mini report flickers.
  • Fixed various code that can cause problems in some case or on some configurations.
  • Fixed casualties text in end flight report.
  • Fixed "no jump" bug that happen sometime.
  • Fixed a small glitch in the installer: path for P3D 2.5 and P3D 3.0 not displayed correctly.
  • Fuel message after take-off with PMDG aircrafts.
  • Problems with fuel failures - No fuel failures, possible worse problems. (CTD)
  • Mini panel lost outside windows in some cases.
  • Passengers don't yell anymore on ground whith turbulences (rare case).
  • Rare bug with error display "functionordinal" when exiting flight.
  • Bug with payload editor unable to load ini file solved.
  • Solved the "empty Payload_Models folder" and missing files bug at installation.
  • Better detection of the "dll.xml" at installation.
  • Solved the 'copy error 2' bug at installation.
  • Solved some penalty errors.
  • Date bug for company creation solved (now possible to select up to 2050).
  • Tire blowing at low FPS landing.
  • Framerate lag during crew announcement with text.
  • Possible crash on some systems when clicking on reports.
  • Possible crash on some systems when opening the load aircraft dialogue.
  • Possible crash on some systems with various dialogues.
  • "Wrong auth" error.

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