FsPassengers 2004 for FS9 Updates and Versions

List of all FsPassengers 2004 releases:

To know wich version you have, launch the flight simulator and click on FsPassengers Menu "About FsPassengers".
IMPORTANT: You must NOT uninstall FsPassengers 2004 before installing an update. If you uninstall the previous version you'll loose all your flight data.

 Version released: 07 January 2011 (20110107)
Note: As Flight Simulator 2004 is not supported anymore, this was the last FsPassengers release for Fs9.
      To continue your FsPassengers career please download FsPassengers for FSX, FSX steam or Prepar3D version.

  • Fixed Various bugs

 Version released: 05 September 2005 (20050905)
  • Now the ICAO_db accept three letter ICAO and display the correct related airport in various dialog with 3 letters ICAO.
  • New name database with new name for russia, china, japan, africa it correct also the low weight of passengers with for example italian name.

  • Corrected a crash that happen if you click "show passengers list" in the Payload manifest and you view it again later by the kneeboard dialog.
  • Corrected bug set destination dialog was still grayed with 3 letters ICAO.
  • Corrected small bug on some aicraft the advanced fuel dialog show center tank with 50% and grayed (this was only a visual bug on aircraft that didn't had center tank)
  • Correct small visual bug with MTOW flashing warning looking uggly.

 Version released: 02 September 2005 (20050902)
  • New advanced "per tank" fuel load in payload loader. (see "advanced fuel" button
  • Added 4 kneeboard for your checklist or any text (see FsP menu or shortcut CTL+SHF+K)
  • Added load manifest viewable at anytime in FsPassengers flight (see FsP menu or shortcut CTL+SHF+K)
  • Added shortcut to tune ADF by keyboard. ("D" by defaut)
  • Added one button to unset ALL FsP keyboard shortcuts in one click.
  • Added load manifest viewable at anytime in FsPassengers flight (see FsP menu or shortcut CTL+SHF+K)
  • Set Destination accept now 3 letters ICAO.
  • Added "Disable force collide detection" in more_option.cfg so you can keep "force crash" and disable only collision.
  • Added "Enable time modification" parameters in more_option.cfg.
  • Added "Disable max power set with parking brake penalty" parameters in more_option.cfg.
  • Added a shortcut "open FsPassengers folder" in windows start->FsPassengers group
  • Added possibilities to have the FsPassengers menu, all help text and the doc in different language (see more download)
  • Added a "Dollars 1950" in the currency.
  • Now 3 hot food service available, that may help for longer flights.
  • Added scandinavian name in passengers name list.

  • Movies aren't available anymore if your flight date is before 1961.
  • Small aircraft called "heavy" by ATC bug cleared.
  • Plane with no flaps don't get flaps penalty anymore.
  • Cleared bug with cargo weight turning negative for huge load.
  • Co-pilot was too sensitive about crash during normal landing.
  • Cleared bug penalty with failure that request abort take-off with a destination set.
  • Speed announce 80kt and 60kt don't play anymore for smaller aircraft.
  • Changed penalty "passengers annoyed to keep their seat belt" less sensitive.
  • No more GPWS gear warning for aircraft with fixed gear.
  • Cleared bug with some passengers having to low weight.( this happened mostly with custom list name)
  • Passengers unboarding don't take age anymore.
  • Reverse penalty under 60kts detection lowered to 40kts.
  • Food and drink should be served much sooner in automatic mode.
  • Unset key bug cleared.

 Version released: 10 August 2005 (20050810)
  • Added a parameters in more_config.cfg to disable completely the weight update of the payload loader (might be usefull for PMDG, and some others aircrafts))

  • Corrected the pilot point going negative after a while.
  • Corrected aircraft tail strike value.
  • Corrected wounded pilot, now healed automatically by 10% when other pilot make flights.
  • Corrected rank info wrong for C4/5 in career mode.
  • Corrected problem with the browse button of the installer.

 Version released: 06 August 2005 (20050806)
  • Added a browse aircraft utility available by window start menu/fspassengers/tools.
  • Installer now have a browse button for people that have a wrong Fs9 registry entry.
  • Some payload model added.

  • End of flight report now show after a crash (some people had trouble)
  • Solved Crash to Desktop when viewing "manager/statistic/aircraft statistic"
  • No more "max power penalty with parking brake" when you have a turboprop or prop aircraft.
  • This update may solve the "wrong authorization" bug that some have.
  • Some other small fix.

 Version released: 08 July 2005 (20050708)
First release of FsPassengers 2004

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