The addon that "revolutionize the way you fly in Flight Simulator"

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Warning: some of the screenshots you see may be slightly different in the final version as they were posted early on the project developpment.

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Page 1 - Screenshots added before February, 19th 2005
The report text have been reworked since see newest screenshots on PAGE 3

Loading aircraft at the start of a flight with the PMDG.

Another payload model.

Create and edit your passenger manifest. FsPassengers will automatically create a list using names appropriate for the region you are flying from (i.e. American names, German names, Italian names, etc). You will even be able to edit the database to enter a new name list for any country you like.

After each flight, your performance is evaluated and a report is generated. In this case, a pilot crashed his plane. First you will see an accident report.

Your flight report will list financial penalties or profits, as well as your score.  Pilots receive bonus points for good performance, and penalty points for bad performance.

Assuming you didn't set up your virtual company to "instantly record" all flights, you have a choice whether or not to register your flight result.

Note the maintenance price after the crash.  You're better of selling the wreck and buying a new plane!

The mini report helps you keep track on screen of how your passengers are feeling at any moment. This report is fully customisable--you can change it's color, size, undock it etc etc, and it can be moved around on the screen.

Here the mini report is shown in another color, with the "display on 2d panel only" and "small icon report only" options enabled.

Here the main FsPassengers menu

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