FsPassengersP3D Frequently Asked Questions

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How to backup / restore ALL of my FsPassengers data including sounds, payload models, etc?

1. Backup of flight, pilot and company database

Launch Prepar3D, go to menu "FsPassengers Utilities->Backup flight database"


You can also do it manually: Open the FsPassengersP3D folder and copy the entire "Database" folder and paste it into your preferred backup location.

2. Backup of payload model, map, sound, logo, and configuration file

If you downloaded crew sounds, payload models, logos or maps, it may be useful to save them too.
Open the FsPassengersP3D folder and copy the following folders somewhere safe:

"UserImages" for company and pilot logos
"Sound" for ALL FsPassengers sounds (Not recommended)
OR any "Sound/***" folder if you downloaded add-ons into it (crew pack, music, radio chatter, etc.)
"Payload_model" for payload models
"Language/***" if you added an additional language
"Config_VA" if you added a virtual airline configuration file
"Config/***" if you modified a configuration file
"Ui/maphires" if you downloaded some maps


(Compatibility Note: once used in FSX or Prepar3D you cannot restore a flight database in FS9, it's not backward compatible
But you can restore a FS9 database into FSX or Prepar3D to continue you old FS2004 career)

1. Restoration of all saved data

First of course install FsPassengers if you haven't already done so.
Open the FsPassengersP3D folder and copy all of the saved folders into it (See above "BACKUP")

If you restored old data, RE-INSTALL FSPASSENGERS once done.
The setup will detect an upgrade and WILL NOT overwrite your restored files
but it will install the latest versions of utility programs or vital files.

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