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My airplane bounces causing penalties or crash. I was at the gate (or on the runway, or taxiing)!
This is normally attributed to one of two things, and NOT FsPassengers related:

1. The contact points in the aircraft.cfg are wrong. This is the area of the file that tells the sim where your aircraft is touching the 'ground'
Notice: Some aircraft have contact points that are set too far down causing the wheels to be half in the tarmac. Bouncing is normally
attributed to the opposite - they are too high. FIX: save a backup of the aircraft.cfg for that airplane. Go into the original in the aircraft
folder for that aircraft and edit the points yourself if you know what you are doing. Otherwise contact the developer of the aircraft and ask them
nicely if they can review the contact points as you are having bouncing issues.
See Google search about aircraft.cfg editing

2. You have changed views after landing or when preparing to take off. Best advice is to stay in either the 2D panel or VC cockpit mode. Chances are
your scenery is already rendered if in either of those. When you change views you force your graphics card to re-render the scenery
around your aircraft AND your aircraft itself (notice the fuzzy ground textures from the outside depending on your system, this can be fast or take
a while) Your scenery as it is rendering can be changing level a few feet as the mesh is rendering (especially with detailed landscape
meshes). Notice your altitude gauge shimmies a little bit when the plane is bouncing.
My advise again is to not change views until AFTER you are parked and all pax have left the aircraft. In my personal experience, not
changing views has dropped the bounce effect to the most rare of occasions. I have also noticed less chance with the bounce when in
2D panel or VC mode rather than external view.

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