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I got a penalty because FsPassengers said I made a dangerous landing/take-off?
Problems can arise when you land at an add-on airport and all of a sudden the PAX are 50% in fear because "you made what seemed to be a dangerous landing/take-off."

This problem occurs because one area is misdesigned in the add-on airport (i.e.: it looks like a runway but it's declared as grass or other surface internally. What you see is not what you get!) It will happen only if your speed is over 35knt AND you are not on a declared runway.

Three solutions:

Edit the AFCAD file to declare this airport's landing strip as it should be with 'asphalt' or other correct surface. Search on Google about editing AFCAD for your simulator: Google search about editing AFCAD
Disable this Airport addon
Simply disable this penalty in FsPassengers - This is not very elegant as it will allow you to land a 747 on the grass but if you really don't want to dig in the afcad/ade stuff it can help. To disable this penalty edit this line in the "more_option.cfg" file: "DisableRollOutsideLandingStrip =0; // disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty"

Change the 0 for a 1 and voila!

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