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Keyboard key doesn't work (w,b, etc.)?
An FsPassengers keyboard shortcut doesn't work

The most probable case is that another add-on or panel 'eats' the key (radar contact or other addon, etc.) You should check the parameters of those add-ons or change the FsPassengers keyboard key.
The FSX ATC window or other windows also eat the key. Click in the main window to change focus and all FsPassengers keys should work as expected.

One usual Flight Simulator key doesn't work

Typical case of for example the 'B' key which sets the altimeter pressure automatically: As FsPassengers is intended to make you a better pilot ;) the B key now requires that you enter the pressure manually. Type for example 'B1013' or 'B2992' to set the standard pressure. FsPassengers will announce the number and reply 'set and check' if ok. It's one of the nine very useful FsP keys that allow you to set values by typing on the keyboard (autopilot heading, altitude, speed, com nav vor adf frequency, course, decision speed, etc.) To change the key or have a list of keys check: FsPassengers menu->Option->Keyboard setup

To print a shortcut list or change FsP keyboard shortcut see: FsPassengers menu->Option->Keyboard setup

Taken from the help of dialog keyboard: (default key)

You can enter value listed above with the keyboard, first type the related key (see above) then type your numbers. For COM and NAV, type the key two times to access COM2 or NAV2. The copilot will give you a voice feedback of each command and will reply 'set and check' if the command was successful.

Example with default key:
Type 'c12140' to set 121.40 on COM1.
Type 'cc11820' to set 118.20 on COM2.
Type 'n10910' to set 109.10 on NAV1.
Type 'nn10910' to set 109.10 on NAV2.
Type 'd17888' to set 1788.8 on ADF.
Type 'j045' to set VOR course on 45°
Type 'h090' to set the autopilot heading on 90°.
Type 'f035' to set the autopilot altitude to 3500 feet.
Type 'v180' to set the autopilot speed to 180.
Type 'M050' to set the decision height to 50ft.
Type 'k1200' to set transponder to 1200.
Type 'b1013' to set the altimeter to 1013 mb.
Type 'b2992' to set the altimeter to 29.92 hg.

You have three seconds after each keystroke before the command times out. If you make a mistake just type the command again and re-enter the numbers.

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