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  Download and Install
Are all addons from "More Download" compatible with FsPassengersX? 6763
Can I continue my Prepar3D or FS9 career on FsPassengersX? 4889
Can I use FsPassengers on more than one computer? 3979
Can I use FsPassengersX in Prepar3D or FS9? 3221
Does FsPassengersX work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10? 3957
How can I upgrade, and/or find which version I have? 3486
How to backup / restore ALL of my FsPassengers data including sounds, payload models, etc? 12727
I want to reinstall FsPassengers but I want to keep my company and flight data 5031
Installation error: setup can't run or says the archive is incomplete 3228
Is the upgrade free? 4556
The installer can't find FSX or installation doesn't work 4274
Will I lose my flight, company or pilot data if I upgrade? 2487

  Purchase and Unlock Code
Can I get a rebate if I upgrade from FsPassengersP3D or FsPassengers 2004? 5377
Can I use my Prepar3D or FS9 unlock code to unlock FsPassengersX? 3306
How to unlock FsPassengersX 7857
I didn't receive my unlock code after purchase 4131
I have lost my unlock code, how can I get it back? 4380
Is money tight for you? I can make an exceptional rebate 40949
My unlock code is blocked, how can I recover it ? 4048
Where can I get the full version of FsPassengers? 2906

  The good advice of Captain John Doe
Get more bonus for each flight 4778
How can I calculate how much fuel I will need? 6273
How can I have all my flight report into viewable files on my local disk? 2686
How to Create a Company with Advanced settings 3205
How to find/open the FsPassengers folder 7319
I don't understand an FsPassengers Feature, where can I find good information? 2659
John Doe's FsPassengers flight procedure 4545

  FsPassengers Flight
Can I still fly in FSX without FsPassengers? 3772
I want to edit the war zone because I don't want to be under fire at... 3996
When to declare an emergency, and avoid false emergencies? 6407
Why can't we un-declare an Emergency? 3554

   Economic fleet and pilot managment
Can I modify my company setting after creation? 3998
Can I start a career with a rank of 'xx' pre-set? 2908
I changed level. Which aircraft can I fly now? How much will this plane cost? 4151
I don't like the income 50x modifier, can I change that? 4414
I don't like the market offers for an aircraft 2949
I'm not complaining, but my pilot has been promoted early 3417
My pilot is dead, how can I get them back? 4890
My pilot is wounded how can I heal them? 2783

I always have flap penalties? 5895
I always have light penalties? 5968
I got a penalty because FsPassengers said I made a dangerous landing/take-off? 3698
I got penalties because the service was ended by landing 2407
I have a penalty for exceeding MTOW? 3782
I have unfair penalties, how can I disable them? 5117

  Problems and Solutions
How to recover your forum profile on the new forum? 6892
Keyboard key doesn't work (w,b, etc.)? 4444
My aircraft is overweight BEFORE adding any passengers 3300
My airplane bounces causing penalties or crash. I was at the gate (or on the runway, or taxiing)! 2882
Unable to run aircraft browser or other tool 2677
What to do in case of FSX crash? 3905

  Payload Model
Can we make a cargo only payload model? 5881
FsPassengers can't find a good payload model for an aircraft? 4160
Loading passengers causes my aircraft to be overweight... 2753

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