FsPassengers 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I continue my Prepar3D or FSX career on FsPassengers 2004?
Yes, the flight database is compatible with all versions and you can continue your career.
However you cannot downgrade your database to FsPassengers 2004 (FS9) once used in FsPassengersX (FSX) or FsPassengersP3D (Prepar3D).

How to transfer your data to another version:

See How to backup / restore ALL of my FsPassengers data including sounds, payload models, etc?


BACKUP your databases first before any operation.
It's a good idea to empty the 'FS9/FsPassengers/Database' folder so you'll have a clean Database folder

What about my Prepar3D or FS9 aircraft fleet?

You have two solutions: One is really simple: sell all of your Prepar3D or FSX aircraft and purchase FS9 aircraft.

The other one is more technical and dangerous but you can almost recover all of your fleet (given you have the same aircraft type). You must change all 'title=' names of FS9 aircraft.cfg so they match exactly the one of Prepar3D or FSX fleet. This is NOT officially supported, do it at your own risk, search google about changing the name of FS9 aircraft.

See How to find/open the FsPassengers folder
See I want to reinstall FsPassengers but I want to keep my company and flight data

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