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FsPassengers 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:How can I fly helicopter with FsPassengers ?
Answer:FsPassengers was not designed to use with heli this is why we don't officially support them
anyway you can use them making some little edit.

First you can't start a flight with many heli because they don't have a parking brake, there is an easy workaround,
edit the aircraft.cfg and search the line:
parking_brake = 0 //Parking brake available
toe_brakes_scale = 0.0 //Brake scalar

Edit it so it look like below:
parking_brake = 1 //Parking brake available
toe_brakes_scale = 600.0 //Brake scalar

(if the line are missing simply add them as above)

Second you'll have to remove some penalty, go to 'FsPassengers/config' folder and edit the file 'more_option.cfg'
with notepad, change the lines as below:

DisableRollOutsideLandingStrip =1; // disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty
DisableGearSpeedLimit =1; // disable gear speed penalty
DisableFlapSpeedLimit =1; // disable flap speed penalty
DisableFlapCheck =1; // disable flap not set penalty
DisableMaxPowerPenaltyWithBrake =1; // disable the penalty for pushing max power with parking brake.

If you have constant G penalty because your flight is rude you can also disable the G penalty:
DisableGLimit =1; // disable G penalty

I suggest to create a copy of the more_option.cfg and rename the copy and original so you can easily switch between
heli and normal plane.

Third Heli don't have payload model, this is not too bad as you'll have a default plane payload model but be aware that
you can find some heli payload model in 'more download' and also creating one is simple see here:

Now when you fly, don't forget to release the parking brake before lift of and set them after landing.

Happy flying.

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Q&A written by: DanSteph

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