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Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  981 - Add-on sounds for NewDutchvoicepackHits: 14667   
Some add-on sounds for the new-Dutch voicepack.
The next commands and more are added to the voicepack:
"Check slides armed and crosscheck"
"Cabin crew, be seated for take-off"
"Cabin ok"
"Cabin crew, emergency stations"
"Cabin crew, prepare for landing"
"Check slides disarmed and crosscheck"
"Cabin crew, doors may be opened"
etc, etc....


Please read the readme file inside and let me know what you think!
Author: Anastasios  |  2006-08-19  |  Users Rating: 6.47/10 (68 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  876 - LIMM APPROCHHits: 4776   
*******ATC CHATTER REAL ATC*******

Milano Approch.

Part of file. Search and download also in this session.

Seconda parte del file. Scaricate anche CHAT_LIMM_1.ZIP in questa sessione per avere il lavoro completo.

Author: AZA2110  |  2006-05-19  |  Users Rating: 5.77/10 (30 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  875 - MILANO Real ATCHits: 6955   
*******ATC CHAT****

ATC voice package for the ATC CHATTER.
This package coming from Milano Approch

2 Files CHAT LIMM 1 and CHAT LIMM 2 put it toghether and enjoy it.

*******ATC CHAT****

Controllo reale Milano avvicinamento. Mettete insieme i 2 file zippati chat LIMM 1 e 2 e divertitevi
Author: Andrea AZA2110  |  2006-05-19  |  Users Rating: 5.93/10 (14 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  795 - Update Prof DE and EN Crew AnnonuceHits: 8903   
This is a little Update with out Destination or Airline Speaking.


1. Safetyabord
2. Descent with out AutoBelt
3. After Landing

Have Fun :)
Author: Sebastian  |  2006-03-02  |  Users Rating: 8.14/10 (21 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  794 - New Dutch announcements Part 2Hits: 7842   
Part 2 of the voicepack.

My flightsim crashed so I couldn't test the voicepack anymore. It may take a while before it is possible for me to fly again.
I hope volume and other adjustments are correct.


Author: anastasios  |  2006-03-02  |  Users Rating: 5.86/10 (43 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  793 - New Dutch announcements Part 1Hits: 8985   
Part 1 of the renewed Dutch announcements.

Real speech text of is used for the announcements. I adjusted the announcements a bit to make them usable for FsPassengers.

Just put the NewDutch folder in your voicepackfolder of FsPassengers. Don't forget to add the 3 sounds in part 2.


Author: anastasios  |  2006-03-02  |  Users Rating: 6.20/10 (35 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  771 - Prof German and English AnnounceHits: 21207   
6 Files with Prof. Crew Announce German and English

1. Welcome on Board
2. Safety
3. Prepare Take Off
4. Descent
5. Before landing
6. After landing

Have Fun ;)
Author: Sebastian  |  2006-02-18  |  Users Rating: 7.45/10 (110 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  692 - Mediterranea VA Voice packHits: 5007   
Hi all this is the voice pack of my Virtual airlines: MEDITERRANEA. This is my first voice pack so if you have comments feel free to email me.
Author: Marco Capezzuoli  |  2006-01-04  |  Users Rating: 6.31/10 (32 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  675 - Applauding PassengersHits: 17179   
This modification is fairly simple. It changes the sound FSPax plays after landing so the passengers applaude after every landing...Some users asked for it
English and German installation instructions included!

happy landings
Author: Julian Roschlau - jules17  |  2005-12-30  |  Users Rating: 6.88/10 (67 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  670 - Dutch announcements part 4Hits: 6662   
This is finally the last part of the dutch announcements pack.
Sorry for the delay.
I hope you will enjoy it and again, please let me know what you think.

Author: anastasios  |  2005-12-26  |  Users Rating: 7.86/10 (58 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  664 - Dutch announcements (part 3)Hits: 6028   
Part 3 of the announcements.
Author: anastasios  |  2005-12-20  |  Users Rating: 6.62/10 (42 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  663 - Dutch announcements (part2)Hits: 5361   
Part 2 of the announcements.
Author: anastasios  |  2005-12-20  |  Users Rating: 5.53/10 (32 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  662 - Dutch announcement (part 1)Hits: 6051   
This is the first part of Dutch cabin announcements, recorded by myself. With many thanks to Firebug for his help!!!

Recordings are not of real high quality. Still, please let me know what you think of them.

Author: anastasios  |  2005-12-20  |  Users Rating: 7.82/10 (45 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  646 - Egypt Air Ambient MusicHits: 5819   
Egypt Air Ambient Music
Author: prpboy  |  2005-12-11  |  Users Rating: 8.12/10 (43 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  581 - Realistic Welcome aboard Annoucement (4 minutes !)Hits: 42727   
Welcome aboard 4 minutes annoucment


This is a soundfile done by the original voice of FsP... Sharon P. It is 4 minutes long and with this file we hope to satisfy the need and want of the realism buffs out there that have been asking for a file like this for a while. Enjoy and errr... read the README for installation!!

Author: Sharon P. & JayKae  |  2005-11-18  |  Users Rating: 9.29/10 (257 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  491 - Alitalia CrewHits: 17093   
This is a complete voicepack for who likes to fly around with an Alitalia Crew... I did my best to avoid any cuts in messages, so they're complete and both in italian and english.

Author: ArturoPi  |  2005-10-20  |  Users Rating: 7.64/10 (70 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  318 - SpanishPak2Hits: 9921   
Spanish (South American) Crew Pack, part 2 of 2

Author: Taxader  |  2005-08-31  |  Users Rating: 7.73/10 (41 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  317 - SpanishPak1Hits: 10437   
Spanish (South American) Crew Pack Part 1 of 2, with some 40's latin rumbas and sambas ambients thrown in.


Author: Taxader  |  2005-08-31  |  Users Rating: 7.19/10 (74 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  298 - german Crew Voice Pack Update 1.1Hits: 16488   
This is the Specially german Crew voice pack for the german Airline Lufthansa. Include full german and english crew voice support with intercom and Door effects. Please read the Readme in the Zip file before install.
Author:   |  2005-08-27  |  Users Rating: 4.35/10 (110 votes)    Download

Voice Pack  Voice pack  |  253 - Italian attendent soundsHits: 22413   
A little work for Italian Pilots
Author: MDC  |  2005-08-16  |  Users Rating: 6.80/10 (59 votes)    Download

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