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Scenario  Scenario  |  878 - Adlai's Unbeatable ChallengeHits: 1350   
You Start Off With A Small Amount Of Cash ($1,000,000) And You Have To Start Out With A Small Single Prop Aircraft (eg: Cessna 172, 187, Of A Monney Bravo) Oh ya one more thing you have to play in economical and career and your has'nt been able to keep it maintainence bill up so we had to hire $1 A Day Maintainence men so dont be suprised if your craft breaks down in the most dire circumstance
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-21  |  Users Rating: 6.67/10 (15 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  860 - The Real Pilot SchoolHits: 2689   
As you can transfer pilot to another company a company created with this scenario could be dedicated to
pilot school training in career mode, once a pilot certified for the type you want just transfert it to the company of your choice. The difference from the deafult flight school scenario is that in this school you should face many failures during your training.Getting the passengers safe on the ground after failures gives you many bonus points, so you promote really easily, and you get the required flying hours after a company hires you. This will also improve your flying capabilities during emergency situation, must have if u fly with instant record mode.
Author: flying_sotoman  |  2006-05-03  |  Users Rating: 7.30/10 (27 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  841 - Scenario PackageHits: 6313   

This is an add-on for fspassengers and contains 10 scenarios.
All the scenarios use the full capabilities of fspassengers.
These scenarios offer a wide variety of challenges from simple
ones which you can complete in 1 day to the ones which will
take you weeks. These are the titles of the scenarios

1. 1000 flights
2 A million miles
3. Around The World
4. Make A Million
5. National Company
6. The 8 hour flight
7. The Last Flight
8. The PPL School
9. The War Path
10. Who Wants To Be A Billionaire?

The package also includes a word pad document showing information for each 1 of the scenarios

Author: Sam Breese  |  2006-04-13  |  Users Rating: 8.04/10 (25 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  821 - International AirlineHits: 2156   
A Swedish Company Start
Author: Andreas  |  2006-04-06  |  Users Rating: 5.12/10 (41 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  758 - Wings over NepalHits: 1634   
Nepal 1984.
You have recently fled the Soviet Union after you are caught selling Coca Cola on the black market in the streets of Leningrad. You manage to escape from the KGB's sting operation and are now dwelling in Nepal. Having recieved your wings in the Soviet Airforce, you are now ready to begin a new career. You can fly anything, however escaping the Soviet Union was costly. You are left with $500,000 American dollars. Use them well.

Your Objective is to double your money. You are however a pilot, not a mechanic. Your failure modifier is set to 40% (medium failures). Instant record is also set. You will win the scenario once your funds reach $1,000,000. Due to a lack of competition in Nepal, your reputation is set to 100%. Your Income Modifier has been set to 1, meaning making a million dollars could be quite a challenge. On top of that, failures will cost you dearly.
Author: Ken Gallant  |  2006-02-10  |  Users Rating: 6.36/10 (33 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  720 - It Seems Easy...Hits: 1455   
Everything seems perfect. You run a monopoly of an airline with HUGE amounts of gobs of cash flowing in from every which way. Your income multiplier is more of a megaplier at 500x. But here's the catch. All of a sudden, everything starts going wrong. You have the best aircraft in the best shape of any airline. But on 90% of flights lately, you have had failures, ranging to the most mundane to the most horrific. You must make it to rank c10, with 100% reputation. You must fly internationally 10,000 kilometers. You must fly at least 10 war missions. Instant record is enabled. Good Luck.
Author: WBHoenig  |  2006-01-22  |  Users Rating: 7.93/10 (28 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  709 - FloridairHits: 1526   
You are thinking of starting an airline. You have always had a knack for avaition, and a few months ago, you earned your single engine commercial type rating. You are also IFR rated. You live in Orlando, Florida, a major east coast airport. A nice bit of cash ($30000000) has been emptied into your unsuspecting pockets from an unknown saving fund of your grandfather's. Trouble is, your goals may get a bit hard. You can only fly small aircraft to begin with, and you move up in the ranks. You must become an international company. And, of course, fly at least a 75,000 pound airplane, about a small 737. You must reach c9. There is not much room for error.
Author: WBHoenig  |  2006-01-14  |  Users Rating: 6.40/10 (35 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  652 - MegawinnerHits: 1753   
You've just become a Las Vegas' newest multimillionaire.You've decided to start a new canyon runner (Grand Canyon tour) airline. It won't be easy with the competition already in place and with most market share. Good Luck.
Author: Don Randall  |  2005-12-13  |  Users Rating: 6.20/10 (10 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  644 - Corporate AirlinesHits: 1830   
Your goal is to buy 6 large jets, 5 business jets, and 3 turboprops.Starting amount $100,000,000. You can fly any aircraft. Your company's rep must be 100%, own 14 aircraft, min wheight of a/c (aircraft) 3000 lbs, min cash to reach $750,000,000, status must be international, min # of flghts must be 1002, and 2 of those must be war missions.
Author: Ryan Cmunt  |  2005-12-11  |  Users Rating: 5.10/10 (10 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  548 - FsP Addict ScenarioHits: 1770   
This scenario is NOT for the faint of heart, or those who don't have plenty of time. Description:
This is a HARD Scenario and not for the timid. You have enough cash to buy something that barely flies with wings, and part of the problem is finding a deal. You will have barely enough cash to only buy one light plane and your pilot will not be
certified to fly anything other than GA (General Aviation) aircraft. Your goals are numerous. You must: Get a reputation of 98%, eventually have to have an aircraft that weights at least 175,000 lbs, you must make a billion dollars, become an International airline, have at least 1000 flights, fly a million miles, have at least 5 war missions, reach rank C23. What makes this so difficult? You have a 1x modifier. This scenario is definitely for the FsPassengers addict.
Author: Stephen "SaVas" Vasali  |  2005-11-09  |  Users Rating: 5.37/10 (19 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  510 - lear jet scenarioHits: 1777   
a lear jet scenario. something a little different and in between the heavies and g.a aircraft. follow the read me install. man
Author: xvin  |  2005-10-28  |  Users Rating: 7.10/10 (21 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  415 - Scenario Operation AidHits: 3289   
You have been given a Government grant of 59 million dollars, enough to buy 1 brand new 737 or whatever
you may please, to fly humanitarian missions in the most war stricken parts of the world. Your job is
to fly journalists, food, water, etc to these war stricken areas and give them the aid they need. Your Government
wants your humanitarian airline to complete 30 flights in the war stricken areas of the world (look in the dangerous
database dialog to see which places are in a war area). Once you have completed the 30 flights you will be given an
OBE by the Queen of England for your hard work but you must fly 30 flights in a war area first. If you crash more than 5 times
Operation Aid will be over. The settings are on "instant record" so every flight will be counted. Income multiplier and
reputation multiplier is also off to simulate the profits a real airline makes but your reputation is at 100% because of the
humanitarian workers, journalists and aid that people want to give to these countries. We wish you the best of luck.
Author: Sam Breese  |  2005-09-22  |  Users Rating: 6.03/10 (34 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  394 - Start Your Own Airline ScenarioHits: 3101   
Start Your Own Airline Scenario

You have just won the lottery, winning 130,000 ( $250,000 ). Your life long aim has been to set up your own airline but not any old airline though, the world's greatest airline and with the money you have just won you can do just that. Your goal is to buy enough aircraft and make enough flights to bring your company to international status. When you start you will be well known in your local area, with your start reputation being at 65% because of the media coverage on your lottery win.
Be warned that this is going to be a long process (there may be 200+ hours of flight involved to reach this goal) and that your pilot at the start will not be certified to fly anything other than GA (General Aviation) aircraft. You also only have enough money to buy something like a Cessna 172 or a similar GA aircraft. This scenario has been made as realistically as possible meaning that your flight is instantly recorded so if you crash and die your pilot is gone any you get a serious reputation blow. If you also crash more than 10 time you will be shut down by the IATA ( International Air Transport Association ). You will win the game when you reach International status.
Author: Sam Breese  |  2005-09-17  |  Users Rating: 8.46/10 (24 votes)    Download

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