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Scenario  Scenario  |  2465 - Legal BindingsHits: 1032   
You have just been caught for fraud from selling your previous company's aircraft worth $200,000,000. The authorities have revoked your license and you have been fired. You are left with $1,500,000 after bribing the authorities to give back your license for $1,000,000. You have chosen to start a new airline with a goal to run the company you used to work for into ruins. To do this you have made a list of requirements to be met. Due to your bad behaviour, your airline has started with 20% reputation which can not go bellow 15% otherwise the authorities will search for and arrest you.
-20 aircraft at least 1 heavy jet
-90% reputation
-2 or more c22 pilots
-avoid c23
-2,500,000 NM travelled
-1000 flight hours
Have fun flying!
Author: Sam Collins  |  2015-08-01  |  Users Rating: 8.06/10 (36 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  2126 - Rockstar Money ManagementHits: 2181   
This is my first scenario that I've created and uploaded, hope you enjoy!!

You just got your pilot's license and decided to call your friend; a semi-famous rock star
Dick Richards from the "Swinging Nobs". He tells you he's excited, and that he has decided
that he REALLY needs to get smarter with his money. Instead of investing in Wall Street or
clubs or fancy cars - he wants to invest in your start-up FBO! In order for him to make his
money last until he retires, he wants to invest in a sound company, and get free flights while he's at it
(from you, of course!). Therefore he's decided to loan you and your fellow pilots and associates
$3,000,000 in cash.
You were SO excited with dreams of owning your OWN FLEET of aircraft, you
basically promised him the world in return for his money. Here are his conditions for the loan;
He wants to qudruple his investment. He also said that, although "any press is good press", he
feels that if you crash more than 2 times, you'll make him look bad, and therefore he'll revoke
his loan. Finally, he wants to put his name on your aircraft, and he feels that would only be
worth the effort if you have a "decent number of awesome planes". In other words, you need to
have 5 aircraft with a gross empty weight of 5000+ lbs. Aircraft of this size are in the
range of large single turboprops or King Air-type aircraft. He'll leave the aircraft
selection up to you.
So there you have it: $3,000,000 to buy your starting aircraft. Remember, don't crash too often!
You will start from scratch as you just got your pilot's license. Also, you need to make
$12,000,000 in cash so that your friend can live the life of luxury in retirement. Don't end
up with less than $10,000 in cash however or you'll have to forclose your company. Your
FBO is new, and no one's heard of you in the aviation industry, so your reputation is low.
You have a friend who's a good mechanic and another friend who's a financial and marketing wizard
so you will have those advantages. With that in mind, good luck!

Please email me with questions or comments: dsmedic10-at-gmail-dot-com
Author: Derald  |  2011-03-04  |  Users Rating: 7.58/10 (52 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  2085 - Fortune Pilot ScenarioHits: 1216   
Try to earn a fortune by flying! Earn 50 million dollars to complete this scenario.
Author: George  |  2010-11-28  |  Users Rating: 5.74/10 (54 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  2044 - Legend AirHits: 1184   
Copleted all the hardest, eh? Try this one. It not hard but you have to be patient.

Rare are you who have an unbeatable ambition of being an big airline owner. You got an amount of borrowed money from relatives, friends with savings to start learing pilot. Making this dream come true by reaching 99% of reputation, 1 billion of cash, 10 heavy aircrafts (like 777 or 747), 1000 flights, 1 million miles, 2 C23 pilots. You'll fail if the reputation get under 10%. And be careful, this is an instant record scenario to make it more realistic. OK! Now, move on!
Author: m'style  |  2010-08-16  |  Users Rating: 4.23/10 (62 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  2037 - United AirlinesHits: 1402   
Simply unzip .cfg and place in ur fs passenger misson folder. Small regional aircraft is recomended to start your only allowed 17,000,000$. Have fun let me know what u think
Author: kevin  |  2010-07-15  |  Users Rating: 7.04/10 (52 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1888 - Dead And Gone.Hits: 1678   
Well it all started when your rich family made a private jet company, all was going well until your Father Died, You Need to carry this company on.
All your Dad left you was $1000000 to continue. Good Luck!
Author: Nick James  |  2009-08-31  |  Users Rating: 7.25/10 (44 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1750 - Dream LifeHits: 1621   
You've just gotten your commercial pilot's license on your way to owning your own dream airline. You have been putting away every spare penny and are finally ready to buy your first airplane. Keep your head on straight and the shiny side up. There is no end to this life...just fly.
Author: Jeffery Thomas  |  2009-03-03  |  Users Rating: 5.92/10 (36 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1722 - Stan's Scenario Pack 1Hits: 1499   
Scenario Pack 1 contains my latest (tested) FS passengers X custom scenarios! I often create scenarios for my personal use, and I've decided to share the ones I think are worthy of your time.
Author: Stan Symms  |  2009-01-25  |  Users Rating: 4.44/10 (16 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1599 - Airlines Operator CompanyHits: 2766   
The Airlines of the world need a serious company to manage their flights. The task is not easy, it requires a lot of compromise, but someone has to do the job. You’ll take control of various airlines starting from the bottom. Your goal is to make a $700,000,000 empire; reach a reputation of 100%; own 35 aircrafts; do more than 1000 flights; do more than 15 war missions; have a c23 captain, and finally let your imagination be your guide. (You'll have lots of aircrafts, because you manage lots of companies. But, if you want yo, you can use your favorite airline fleet)

This Scenario have images and sounds.

You'll start with $130,000,000

Note: You'll fail if your reputation is under 15.01% (You start with 20%), your cash is under $500, or you register more than 6 crashes.

Author: Fernando Rico  |  2008-05-14  |  Users Rating: 6.14/10 (42 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1553 - Virtual Airline PilotHits: 2274   
Are you a VA member? Don't want to spend hundreds of hours trying to get enough rank or money to buy the aircraft you need? Just load up this scenario. You will have enough money to buy virtually all the aircraft in your VA fleet. You will have a fleet income, and no career mode so you can fly all the aircraft in your VA. But nothing comes free; your income multipler will be set to 1.

Author: Charles King  |  2008-04-01  |  Users Rating: 6.29/10 (17 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1486 - Government ContractorHits: 2249   
You have been contracted by your government to fly troops and precious cargo in and out of war-zone's in the Middle-East, where you will encounter many flying hazards.
As you have only just started-up and have no previous reputation, your starting reputation will be a mere 40% (however, as a government contractor, you do not care about comfort of the passengers,
only the safety of the troops, you have no reputation goal for this scenario. You do nonetheless get a maximum of 3 crashes, or else you fail). You require 35
war-mission flights to complete this scenario, but be ware, you have a maximum of 50 flights to complete this mission or else you will fail. Your start-up cash will be
$250million, which will enable you to purchase a large enough jet to transport both cargo and troops for the long distance flights, and be able to pay for any damage.
The fixed failure setting is set to 15%.

I recommend the C-5 Galaxy (Mike Stone) for this snenario, for which you can find the corresponding Payload Models for the C-5 in both passenger (troop) and full-cargo layout.
Author: Wally  |  2007-12-31  |  Users Rating: 5.40/10 (15 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1404 - Brand New AirlineHits: 1978   
You have finally put together enough cash to start your very own airline. Since noone has heard of you before; your reputation is only 15%. Your goal is to become an international airline with a reputation of 100%, 1,609,344,000km, $1 billion, and rank of C23. You will fail if your reputation drops below 10%, crash more than 15 times, or cash below $10,000. For the added realim, instant record is on and Income multipler is 1%.
Author: Charles King  |  2007-08-28  |  Users Rating: 5.56/10 (25 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1315 - This aint right...Hits: 1570   
Welcome captain

Alot of strange things have been going on around this airline. That's why your here. We want you to save our company! You will start with 30% rep due to the recent crashes. We've given you enough money for a few cessna's. If there is one more crash in our airline, we'll be finished. Your goal is to reach c7 and purchase a learjet or higher. Instant record is on. Good luck.
Author: Chris Cox  |  2007-06-24  |  Users Rating: 7.26/10 (34 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1302 - A Serious MatterHits: 1779   
After flying with an airline for many years the manager decided to split the airline in half, still keeping the original name. You were chosen to be the manager of the other half of the airline. After a year of flying and managing the manager of the other half decided he wanted the whole airline to himself.
Then on Saturday you were flying a normal route when the right engine had to be shut down do to elevated oil temperature. The plane only held cargo and it was you and the first officer. The plane landed safely, then upon further investigation the oil was contaminated. The manager of the other half was found guilty
and ordered to pay you and the first officer $800,000,000. This was not televised nor did it ever reach the public. Needless to say you quit and the manager was replaced. You decided that people should have a safe, affordable way to fly so you started your own airline. You have also flown some very important VIPs
in your flying career and they have made a publicity announcement so your starting reputation is 83%. You must reach 100% reputation, and own 15 aircraft. Status must reach international and have 200+ flights.
You must NOT reach 60% on the reputation, have two or more crashes, and get below $50000000.
Author: Ryan Cmunt  |  2007-06-16  |  Users Rating: 6.68/10 (19 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1110 - Business Jet scenarioHits: 2324   
The business aviation sector has become a very important sector in the aviation industry and is rapidly growing. Now
this mission enables you to create your own 'business jet airline'. You start off with $2,000,000 and a 60% reupation.
This will just be enough for you to buy a decent jet for the short flights, but be aware, with the high ticket prices
there will be little passengers to start off with, and the high cost of the catering your profits will be minimal.
Your goal is to get a minimal reputaion of 98% and atleast a fleet of 10 aircaft, providing a world-wide service, with branches
in Europe, the Americas and Asia. But be aware, with the high competition in the sector yout repuation cannot go below
50% or you will fail! A great scenario for medium range flights, but if you if you finally reach a level that you can afford
planes such as the Boeing Business Jet (737-BBJ), Trans-atlantic flights could also become a reality.

You are a retired 747 pilot and so can fly any aircaft you want.

(This is my first ever scenario, and so I hope you like it. Any feedback would be great! Thank you.)
Author: Wally  |  2006-12-17  |  Users Rating: 6.36/10 (22 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  887 - The Ultimate ChallengeHits: 2962   
If you totally love my scenarios then here is the one for you it contains five of my best scenarios:

Sim Major Airlines
Adlai's Unbeatable Challenge
Too Easy To Be True
One Billion Miles Of Horror
Just Kill Me Now

I Hope you all enjoy these scenarios as much as I Have
............So Here You All Go, Enjoy!
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-25  |  Users Rating: 6.55/10 (29 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  886 - Just Kill Me NowHits: 2736   
Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, Flight 274 Has had a Engine Flameout. This is the Ultimate training scenario to help you with the Failure Emergency Landings Or if you just want to have fun torturing your passangers! Anyways this scenario is fun either way
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-25  |  Users Rating: 6.89/10 (38 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  885 - One Billion Miles Of HorrorHits: 1330   
This is worse than those scary movies, ya know the ones that scare people who are'nt scary. Anyways you have just found some money on the ground and you want to start your own airline well thats kinda wierd but that doesnt matter right now, You are a father and you have a wife a son and yu dont want anyone in this buisness but your family so when all three of you die the airline goes into the pits and the goverment and insurance companys will strip your aircraft for parts and you'll have to redo this scenario,

Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-25  |  Users Rating: 6.90/10 (21 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  883 - Too Easy To Be TrueHits: 1493   
Are You Sick Of FSPassangers Default Settings? Now Try This Almost Too Easy To Be True, Not So Challenging Challenge to wet your Appetite!!
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-25  |  Users Rating: 7.67/10 (33 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  882 - Sim Major AirlinesHits: 1855   
You have just won the lottery and got $250,000, nearly egnouph to buy a Cessna 172 or a 187. After flying around for a couple of days you get a wicked idea,
What if you could earn money for for giving people rides from small cities to other small cities across the US And Canada. So you start your own airline;
Sim Major Airlines The only thing is this is no game this is reality you can only have one life so it doesnt matter how many pilots you own cause when you
die your ciompany goes into the hole. Your objective is to own a Boeing/Airbus Fleet and by fleet I mean at least 10 Heavy Aircraft, now thats a challenge
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-05-25  |  Users Rating: 7.76/10 (21 votes)    Download

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