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Sound  Sound  |  1261 - Oxygen Masks DroppingHits: 3861   
I'm not sure which file you would name this so I didn't give it a valid FSP filename. But it's a cool (at least I think so) sound effect I made that sounds like the oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling when the cabin depressurizes. Enjoy!
Author: bomen168  |  2007-04-16  |  Users Rating: 6.00/10 (9 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  759 - Emergency Landing SoundsHits: 9737   
These are modified sounds for the "failbeforeland" and the "failatgate" sounds mixed with sounds provided from anastasios in his American Voice Pack to create a more realistic effect in the cabin during an emergency.
Author: bomen168  |  2006-02-11  |  Users Rating: 5.47/10 (38 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  389 - crew_preparetakeoff announcementHits: 11460   
I've edited the CREW_PREPARETAKEOFF.WAV sound to what I've been hearing in most flights, well the bell anyways, yea...
Author: bomen168  |  2005-09-17  |  Users Rating: 4.93/10 (42 votes)    Download

3 results found.

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