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Others  Others  |  717 - Pegase livery for Howard 500Hits: 1441   
fictional pegase airlines repaint for milton shupe's howard 500. Livery share for FsP commubity round the world network flights.
Author: Pegase  |  2006-01-21  |  Users Rating: 5.00/10 (19 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  396 - Set of ambient musicHits: 8499   
A set of traditionnal ambient musics with 2 Irish tunes and 3 Vale musette.
Unzip it in the folder
FsPassengersSoundCrewPackDefault (after backup...)
or, better, in the folder where you build a new voicepack
Author:   |  2005-09-19  |  Users Rating: 5.14/10 (28 votes)    Download

Others  Others  |  324 - Flight attendents with coffeeHits: 5180   
Flight attendents with coffee

At least, when you hear "Here are some drink for you Captain, here you are",
You can look backward and see your flight attendent !!

These two files are named upon the rear view and rear right view of my
faihfull VC 10
But you can rename them accordingly to any plane offering in the panel
folder a rear and rear-right view.

1) Check in the panel folder what BMP give you the rear and rigt rear views
and write down their names.
2) rename these original BMP with extension BAK
3) Unzip the two BMPs in this folder and, If necessary, rename them with the
names you wrote down on (1)


img img
Author: Pegase  |  2005-09-03  |  Users Rating: 6.49/10 (59 votes)    Download

Tools and Doc  Tools and Doc  |  219 - Airport baseHits: 4023   
An airport Database ready to inport in MySQL
Author:   |  2005-08-11  |  Users Rating: 4.51/10 (37 votes)    Download

4 results found.

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