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Scenario  Scenario  |  1553 - Virtual Airline PilotHits: 2168   
Are you a VA member? Don't want to spend hundreds of hours trying to get enough rank or money to buy the aircraft you need? Just load up this scenario. You will have enough money to buy virtually all the aircraft in your VA fleet. You will have a fleet income, and no career mode so you can fly all the aircraft in your VA. But nothing comes free; your income multipler will be set to 1.

Author: Charles King  |  2008-04-01  |  Users Rating: 6.79/10 (14 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1409 - Cessna 210P CenturionHits: 1097   
Payload model for freeware Cessna 210P Centurion

Author: Charles King  |  2007-08-31  |  Users Rating: 5.11/10 (9 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1404 - Brand New AirlineHits: 1877   
You have finally put together enough cash to start your very own airline. Since noone has heard of you before; your reputation is only 15%. Your goal is to become an international airline with a reputation of 100%, 1,609,344,000km, $1 billion, and rank of C23. You will fail if your reputation drops below 10%, crash more than 15 times, or cash below $10,000. For the added realim, instant record is on and Income multipler is 1%.
Author: Charles King  |  2007-08-28  |  Users Rating: 4.89/10 (18 votes)    Download

3 results found.

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