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Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2539 - Carenado 185F SkyWagon CargopodHits: 1518   
Burner updated payload model... converted Cessna 185 to a four passenger aircraft with a cargo pod. Includes 300lb Cargo Pod station and removed two rear bench seats as found in some configurations. Thanks to Ryan!

This is a decently accurate payload model for the Carenado Cessna 185F Skywagon. It is set up for one front seat passenger, two middle row passengers, two rear row passengers, and 50 pounds of baggage. I am a real life Skywagon pilot, and I used a real weight and balance sheet to make this. It is not exactly accurate, but it's close enough to simulate it. Warning: Loading it completely may cause a severe aft CG imbalance, just like the real thing.

Extract into your FSPassangers/payload_model folder.

Ryan Leeward

Author: Burner  |  2016-06-07  |  Users Rating: 5.83/10 (18 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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