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Scenario  Scenario  |  1486 - Government ContractorHits: 2147   
You have been contracted by your government to fly troops and precious cargo in and out of war-zone's in the Middle-East, where you will encounter many flying hazards.
As you have only just started-up and have no previous reputation, your starting reputation will be a mere 40% (however, as a government contractor, you do not care about comfort of the passengers,
only the safety of the troops, you have no reputation goal for this scenario. You do nonetheless get a maximum of 3 crashes, or else you fail). You require 35
war-mission flights to complete this scenario, but be ware, you have a maximum of 50 flights to complete this mission or else you will fail. Your start-up cash will be
$250million, which will enable you to purchase a large enough jet to transport both cargo and troops for the long distance flights, and be able to pay for any damage.
The fixed failure setting is set to 15%.

I recommend the C-5 Galaxy (Mike Stone) for this snenario, for which you can find the corresponding Payload Models for the C-5 in both passenger (troop) and full-cargo layout.
Author: Wally  |  2007-12-31  |  Users Rating: 6.00/10 (10 votes)    Download

1 results found.

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