About the author of FsPassengers

Daniel Polli was born in Geneva Switzerland, when he was still a teenager he fell in love with programming after writing his first Basic program on a VIC20 (ancestor of Comodore 64). More than three decades later it's still his passion and he's still programming, primarily in assembly and in C++. His fascination with games and simulators led him to write games and some popular add-on for a realistic space simulator, Orbiter.

After working seventeen years in a computer department he left his job in 2004 and has dedicated 100% of his time to his passion - having spent more than 19 years now on the development of FsPassengers and various softwares.

Between programming and family, Daniel has managed to squeeze in some work on his private pilot's license and presently has 23hrs, 6hrs solo. Daniel lives on the Franco-Swiss border and is devoted to his wife and two children.


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