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FsPassengers 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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Question:I have unfair penalties how can I disable them ?
Answer:First question yourself: are those penalty really unfair ?... many time it may appear that you simply forgot an essential things or simply don't know some basic rules as the taxi speed limit, fuel limit etc. etc. Also if you get overspeed penalty it's often because your weather addon is not set properly and give instant (and unrealistic) burst of wind. Think twice and read or ask perhaps in the forum before disabling some penalty.

Anyway if you find a penalty really unfair you can disable a lot of them editing the file 'more_option.cfg' with notepad.

Browse to your Fs2004 folder and open the file 'FsPassengers/config/more_option.cfg' with notepad.

Using this file you can disable for example:
'250kts speed below 10'000 ft penalty'
'disable the roll or landing outside landing strip penalty'
'disable gear speed penalty'
'disable flap speed penalty'
'disable overspeed penalty'
'disable G penalty'
'disable bank penalty'
'disable reverse thrust less than 60kts penalty'

And there is other parameter that you can set, a really useful file.

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