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Disappointment - CDreier - 30-07-2016

Two times in a row I've had P3D v3 have OOM's while on a 12+ hour flight between KSEA and VHHH.  Both times Auto Save allowed me to continue my flight, but it's disappointing to lose my FSPassengers flights.  Yes, I understand that Auto Save or Restore isn't possible with FSP but it's a shame to have 24+ hours go unrecorded and left to waste.

RE: Disappointment - Joeflyer - 30-07-2016

Do you know why you get a OOM?

RE: Disappointment - CDreier - 31-07-2016

Yes. Flying the PMDG T7, AS16 & ASCA, add-on KSEA and VHHH. FTX Global, Vector, etc.. Even with all the settings relatively low in P3D as well as the add-ons, time takes it's toll. It seems that's just too many hours to go without VAS eventually being taken.

RE: Disappointment - Joeflyer - 31-07-2016

Even if FsP could save its data at the time of the OOM, you would still be disappointed in not be able to complete a flight. It seems this is a vicious circle.