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Climbing Announcement - angusfly - 18-07-2016


I would like to know how the climbing announcement works. In what circumstances it sounds
I fly the BlackBox A320 series and FsPassengers detects the BBS A320 SeatBelt Sign Trigger. There's nothing to do with that.
The problem is that it has never came up after take off.
I have tried everything, I have put the same sound for crew4_levelbelt and crew4_levelautobelt, changed between Auto and non Auto Seat Blet Sign configuration and nothing works. Does this sound comes up when Gear Up? When some reached Altitude? Maybe with only Flap 1 Take Off?
I was wondering if there's any .cfg file within FsP folder that allows to modify the triggers settings.

Any suggestion?

Many thanks in advance


RE: Climbing Announcement - angusfly - 21-07-2016

Ok. Solved. It was the climbingdevice audio. By the way, it sounds at 8000 or 9000 feet.
Is there anyway to make it sound earlier? Like just after gear up? Between 1000 and 2000 feet?


RE: Climbing Announcement - Joeflyer - 21-07-2016

I don't know of any airline that makes announcements right after gear up. Why would you need this?

RE: Climbing Announcement - angusfly - 21-07-2016

Oh, ok. I thought it was commonly used. At least I know Vueling does it. (Maybe is the only one). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVceUiV2G-w
Well, it makes sense to have the climb announcement at about 8000-9000 feet. It would be amazing if we could change the way some sounds come up, and change the ones you don't want to...

Anyway, I really enjoy FsP like it is, but sometimes I miss some customization options.

Many thanks!