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Others  Others  |  2695 - War Area Update 2018Hits: 2207   
This file contains updated war area data for the first half of 2018.

-Adjusted Syria and south turkey situation according to news reports.
-tweaked africa situation
-reduced warzone in afghanistan
-added israel-syrian border warzone
-removed Sri Lankan conflict
-increased Yemen warzone
-tweaked south-russian / Georgia area.
-Added high risk of failure in Venezuela and the colombian border region.
-removed Colombia Cali War zone.
-Low flying aircraft at the Mexican-US border are now in danger of being mistaken for drug traffickers.

and many other small details.

Place into documents / FSPassengers / Config / WarArea and select the file in the FSP config menu.

No political statement intended.
Author: SoulFlight  |  2018-03-25  |  Users Rating: 6.62/10 (16 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2273 - Carenado King Air C90 Payload ModelHits: 1584   
This is a payload model for carenado's C90 King Air. I built it based on aircraft.cfg specs and added the two seats in the back of the cabin.
You have full control about you want to fly without co-pilot or populate every single seat of the plane, which will not allow you to put 100 % fuel in it.

Author: SoulFlight  |  2012-09-04  |  Users Rating: 4.95/10 (20 votes)    Download

2 results found.

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