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Sound  Sound  |  2202 - Airbus GPWS! Hits: 7291   
This is the airbus version of the gpws file, take the old one out, keep it somewhere and put this one in, I thought some people (like me) might want to change depending on the aircraft they are flying,

callouts from 1000, down to the famous RETARD! RETARD! RETARD!

Author: Ryan  |  2011-12-28  |  Users Rating: 5.68/10 (57 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  2199 - Applauding Passengers NEWHits: 10305   
This is my first attempt at making a sound file for Fs Passengers, I've seen a few other applauding pax files but I didnt think the 'clapping' sounded realistic, so here's my input :)

hope you all like it.
Author: Ryan  |  2011-12-13  |  Users Rating: 6.80/10 (79 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  2083 - Carenado Cessna 185 SkywagonHits: 2339   
This is a decently accurate payload model for the Carenado Cessna 185F Skywagon. It is set up for one front seat passenger, two middle row passengers, two rear row passengers, and 50 pounds of baggage. I am a real life Skywagon pilot, and I used a real weight and balance sheet to make this. It is not exactly accurate, but it's close enough to simulate it. Warning: Loading it completely may cause a severe aft CG imbalance, just like the real thing.

Extract into your FSPassangers/payload_model folder.

Ryan Leeward

Author: Ryan Leeward  |  2010-11-26  |  Users Rating: 4.85/10 (27 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1811 - VC-25A Payload ModelHits: 1813   

VC-25A - 'Air Force One' Payload Model

I often fly 'Air Force One' within my sim and the experience is even better with FsPassengers, but I had to create my own payload model for the aircraft to suit this unique bird. I've uploaded the files here so that anyone else who fancies flying a VC-25A with FsPassenegers can easily do so. :)

Feel free to contact me about these files - details within the ZIP.

Author: Ryan Jackson  |  2009-05-26  |  Users Rating: 6.05/10 (19 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1728 - Socata TBM-700Hits: 2012   

This is a payload model for the EADS-Socata TBM-700, set up with 2 pilots and 4 VIP passengers. It also has one 220 lb limit cargo area and one 77 lb limit cargo area.

Author: Ryan Leeward  |  2009-01-31  |  Users Rating: 6.67/10 (15 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1716 - P-51D MustangHits: 1483   

This is a payload model for the North American P-51D Mustang. Now you can give people rides in this classic warbird. Modeled for 1 passenger + pilot.

Author: Ryan Leeward  |  2009-01-22  |  Users Rating: 7.14/10 (7 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1526 - Virgin America packHits: 1570   
This is a set of two Virgin America logos for you Virgin America airways on FS PAX. Enjoy

Author: Ryan  |  2008-02-10  |  Users Rating: 7.19/10 (16 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1378 - Horizon Air logoHits: 1412   
Here is the Horizon Air logo for use with any Hoizon Air flights or Frontier jet express, enjoy!

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-27  |  Users Rating: 2.19/10 (16 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1377 - Ted part of United logoHits: 1484   
Here is the logo for Ted Airlines, they are part of United airlines only flying the Airbus A320. Enjoy!

Ted Airlines:

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-27  |  Users Rating: 4.83/10 (18 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1376 - Delta logo 2007 FIXHits: 2753   
Here is the fix to my lasy upload for Delta, I fogot the logo so this one has the logo! enjoy.

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-27  |  Users Rating: 4.96/10 (24 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1374 - Spirit Airlines logoHits: 1427   
Here is the Spirit Airlines logo, enjoy.

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 6.10/10 (10 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1373 - Skybus Airlines logoHits: 1489   
This is the logo for Skybus airlines, enjoy.

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 3.69/10 (29 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1372 - Delta Connection logoHits: 1724   
Here is the Delta Connection logo, hope you enjoy!

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 6.36/10 (11 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1371 - United Express logoHits: 1490   
This is the United Express logo with eXplus on it too, enjoy.

Author: RYAN(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 8.18/10 (11 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1370 - Skywest Airlines logoHits: 1433   
Here is the skywest logo, enjoy!

Author: Ryan (SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 6.31/10 (16 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1369 - Maxjet Airways logoHits: 1345   
Here is the Maxjet Airways logo. Enjoy!

Author: Ryan(SCUZ)  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 8.25/10 (12 votes)    Download

Logo  Logo  |  1367 - Frontier Airlines logo 2007Hits: 1612   
This is the Frontier Airlines logo for 2007 enjoy. This is my first upload!

Author: Ryan  |  2007-07-26  |  Users Rating: 4.57/10 (37 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1302 - A Serious MatterHits: 2219   
After flying with an airline for many years the manager decided to split the airline in half, still keeping the original name. You were chosen to be the manager of the other half of the airline. After a year of flying and managing the manager of the other half decided he wanted the whole airline to himself.
Then on Saturday you were flying a normal route when the right engine had to be shut down do to elevated oil temperature. The plane only held cargo and it was you and the first officer. The plane landed safely, then upon further investigation the oil was contaminated. The manager of the other half was found guilty
and ordered to pay you and the first officer $800,000,000. This was not televised nor did it ever reach the public. Needless to say you quit and the manager was replaced. You decided that people should have a safe, affordable way to fly so you started your own airline. You have also flown some very important VIPs
in your flying career and they have made a publicity announcement so your starting reputation is 83%. You must reach 100% reputation, and own 15 aircraft. Status must reach international and have 200+ flights.
You must NOT reach 60% on the reputation, have two or more crashes, and get below $50000000.
Author: Ryan Cmunt  |  2007-06-16  |  Users Rating: 6.68/10 (19 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  913 - CV-580 EAC updateHits: 1587   
This is an update that just fixes a small mistake in the jpeg, though it includes the whole file.

Author: Ryan Leeward  |  2006-06-10  |  Users Rating: 5.27/10 (11 votes)    Download

Payload Model  Payload Model  |  906 - Convair CV-580f EACHits: 1829   
This payload model is a cargo Convair CV-580 in Eastern Virtual Airlines AirCargo livery. You can see their website at

This is my first payload model, so any comments on what I can do better will be welcome.

Author: Ryan Leeward  |  2006-06-02  |  Users Rating: 8.91/10 (11 votes)    Download

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