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Pilatus PC12 - Benjammin - 03-11-2005

I just purchased Flight 1's Pilatus PC12. The certified celing is FL300 but the model on FSPass only recognizes the FL120 limitation.
Can anyone help me modify this to take advantage of the full service ceiling on the plane without suffocating my passangers? Thanks
in advance for any help out there.


Re: Pilatus PC12 - TonyH - 03-11-2005

I think you have to change it to pressurised in the payload model.

Re: Pilatus PC12 - vollmey - 03-11-2005

Yes, you can do that or there is a payload model in the "more downloads" section that I use that works.

Re: Pilatus PC12 - Benjammin - 05-11-2005

Found payload ini for Pilatus Executive model and it works great! Found in "more downloads" under payload model/Pilatus. Thanks for the help!!

Re: Pilatus PC12 - Airtime - 07-11-2005

I remember a payload for that model some time ago, if I remember it specified the "RED" paint job. My question, can that payload be
used for the other paint schemes in the PC-12 folder?

Anyone know?