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[latest dev news] Company creation finished (screenshots) - DanSteph - 28-03-2005

warning: text of dialog not corrected yet

Now the new company creation is a three step process,
in the first dialog you give company name, and optionaly
your name and an info text about the company...

Then you get the "creation-step2 dialog"

[Image: 04_28_step2.jpg]

If you choose "defined by scenario" you have a list of scenario
that you can select: (notice my currency setting is on norwegian kroner in the options)

[Image: 04_28_step3a.jpg]

scroll down to see the others settings:

[Image: 04_28_step3b.jpg]

Another scenario, the new "victory" and "failure" condition allow to make various
scenarios, here I have set them all (temporary scenario just to test of course)

[Image: 04_28_step3c.jpg]

Her the directory with the scenario config file, (100 max allowed)
notice if you put here a JPG image with the same name than the scenario this image
will be showed in case of victory, this allow you to have custom "win" image instead of the default.

[Image: 04_28_step3d.jpg]

And finally here an example of a CFG file, here the "humanitarian scenario"

TitleOfGame             =Fly humanitarian company       // max 30 characters
AuthorOfScenario        =FsP team                       // max 15 characters authors name of this scenario

You are an humanitarian company that transport medical payload and related passengers in dangerous country,
you must make at least 20 flight in dangerous country (war level>60%) without any crash to succeed.

Difficulty              =2              //0=easy 1=medium 2=hard 3=very hard (just an indication for player)
Economical_Mode         =1              //1=yes 0=no
Instant_Record          =1              //1=yes 0=no
StartCashDollars        =100000000      //the start cash of company in dollars
StartingReputation      =65             //the reputation at start
IncomeMultiplier        =20             //1-100 the income multiplier for each flight
ReputationMultiplier    =10             //1 to 100 (%) how each flight's result modify the company's reputation
FixedFailureSetting     =0              //1-100 failure chance each flight (if set disable player's option)
FailureTypeAllowed      =0              //1=easy only 2=easy and medium 3=easy to hard (if set disable option)

// below are the victory condition, leave to zero the parameters that
// must not be taken in account for victory

ReputationToReach       =0              // 1 to 100
NbrAircraftToReach      =0              // numbers of aircraft the company must have...
MinWeightOfAircraft     =0              // ...and their minimal weight if previous is set (in kilogram)
CashToReach             =0              // in dollars.
StatusToReach           =0              // 1=small regional 2= inter regional 3=national 4=international
NbrOfFlightToReach      =0              // the total numbers of flights
DistanceMinToReach      =0              // distance in kilometer of all flights
MinWarMission           =20             // the min number of war mission to make (War level>60)
PilotsMustReachRank     =0              // If one or more pilot must reach a rank...
NbrPilotMustReachRank   =0              // ...And the number that must reach this rank if previous is set

// below are the FAIL condition if one parameter is reached and the
// victory condition are not satisfied the scenario fail and the player
// have a message that he failed. Leave parameter to zero if you
// don't want that they are taken in account

FAILMaxFlight           =0              // max flight allowed to reach victory
FAILMinReputation       =0              // 1 to 100 min reputation allowed
FAILMinCash             =0              // min cash to have
FAILMaxCrash            =1              // max crash allowed


Re: [latest dev news] Company creation finished (screenshots) - Flying Tigress - 28-03-2005

Heh, heh, you caught me in the middle of something Dan. Expect the text edits for this newest creation sometime on Tuesday Hot

Re: [latest dev news] Company creation finished (screenshots) - DanSteph - 28-03-2005

Hello Jennifer,

Sorry to not submit the correction one by one but I'm working too fast
on several stuff in same time... I'll calm a bit down later to fix the text

Anyway any correction you submit based on the screenshots will be updated
as soon as I get them... Wink