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FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - melo173 - 25-02-2020


After almost 2 years about last update of FSpassengers http://www.fspassengers.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=18097&pid=165753#pid165753

Anyone knows if the fspassengers are stoped or keep moving for release one day for p3dv4?
Or just thing now release for MFS2020? Turning

sorry my bad english

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 29-02-2020

Sadly, unless Dan changes his mind, we likely won't see FsP updated for P3D or MSFS2020.

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - audetbe - 04-03-2020


I would like if someone is interested in this idea




RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 04-03-2020

Ben, this is not new. I have offered the same to Dan in the past and he is not interested in selling.

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - audetbe - 05-03-2020

Did you plan to release the code opensource too?

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 06-03-2020

(05-03-2020, 04:45 PM)audetbe Wrote: Did you plan to release the code opensource too?

Perhaps you didn't understand my statement. Dan is the sole proprietor of FsP. I have nothing to do with the business.

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - audetbe - 07-03-2020


Sorry to be confusing. But if in any case you are able to buy it, would you release the code to the community?

Thanks. Ben

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - jimfr78 - 08-03-2020

Audetbe, you are kind of funny, first Joe sais that Dan won't sell his product and second if by any chance Dan would sell it to someone, do you think the buyer will give it to the community like that for free, would you do it ?

Sorry to say that guys but it seems to me that if you want to use fsp for the future, you have to stay on P3D3 or our old buggy FSX, not even FSX:SE because i am not sure Dan is maintaining the new version ....

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - audetbe - 10-03-2020

Hi Jimfr,

If I was the buyer I would release the code to the community. Here's why. First of all, a lot of simmer could use my application and give me a lot of feedback on new ideas or bugs. Second, maybe a few simmer will contribute to it to add features or correct bugs to improve the apps.

So you invest money and how do you get it back? You can sell features packs for a reasonable price to add cool functionnalities to the base program. I'm pretty sure people will buy those features if they are well coded and improve the pleasure.

This kind of business plan works fine in computer world and I'm confident this should work in the simmer world too.

In the case of a group buying as I suggest before, this kind of business is not very applicable because the code own to a lot of person. You can clone if you want to though.



RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 10-03-2020

Ben, points well taken. However, this subject is a moot one. Since Dan is not participating in the discussion, we are just talking in circles by discussing it.

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - audetbe - 11-03-2020

Yes I understand but maybe there is a chance that Dan can read those posts.

If you don't try you will never know. Smile

BTW, I'm looking to code my own apps with my own ideas. Maybe it's the better move I can do.

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - SoulFlight - 04-05-2020

I am used to flying with FSP for 10 years and it makes no sense to me without its functions. FSP not being available for v4 is the only thing that keeps me from upgrading. Especially the fleet management and damage model is missing.
Looking at what kind of alternatives are available, they just dont seem to combine as many functions as FSP did.

We need this program updated and if other developers are not interested I think they are underestimating the demand that actually would exist in the FS community.

Question: is Dan still around in general and did he just abandon FSP or did he disappear completely?

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 05-05-2020

SoulFlight, please see my previous responses above. This will answer your question....especially this one:

"Sadly, unless Dan changes his mind, we likely won't see FsP updated for P3D or MSFS2020."

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - FsxSplash - 11-05-2020

Is Dan still alive? Anyone spoke to him or has he headed for the hills never to be seen again?

RE: FSpassengers P3dv4.5 - Joeflyer - 11-05-2020

(11-05-2020, 09:01 AM)FsxSplash Wrote: Is Dan still alive? Anyone spoke to him or has he headed for the hills never to be seen again?

Yes, he's still alive Wonder  I got an email from him this morning.