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Virtual Airline Script - daz123 - 01-08-2019


I have started work on a brand new PHP script which will allow users to easily set up their own virtual airline within FSPassengers. To start, I am using the bootstrap template so that your flights can be seen easily on mobile devices too! (whilst flying?!)

Features Planned:
-New Admin Panel (with ability to edit flights)
-User Accounts/registration (database based)
-New Flight Viewer
-Google Maps Integration
-And other yet unthought of features!

I am just wondering how many people are interested in such a script before I continue? Does this sound good to you? It will be a free script of course, you will just need your own  hosting.


RE: Virtual Airline Script - f3rr0 - 04-08-2019

It sounds interesting. I've written a similar script for my VA site https://www.serveasy.it/HlayAirlines/. The very first problem that you can find is that the actual version of FSPassengers doesn't work whit https protocol.