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Crash fsx steam bin\fspassangers.dll - txcavi - 18-12-2018

Can i Please get some help. Ive done everything that ive seen on here. Delete everything and reinstall in the regular program folder, set as admin, comparability mode ( windows 8.1 ) This is my most important addon please make a fix. I know this is a one man show but...........

 -FsPassengers setup ver. Jan 23 2016 started: 17.12.2018 - 20:25

-Search if FsX is running
-OK FsX is not running
-Attempting to find FsX directory.
-Checking 64 byte registry for fsx vanilla
-Fsx vanilla Directory found: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\
-Checking 64 byte registry for fsx steam edition
-64 byte registry not found, checking 32 byte registry for fsx steam edition
-Registry key of FsX steam edition not found or unreadable
-Error - Registry key is FSX but steam version was found. Trying to install anyway
-Checking FsX path, searching this file: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\dialogs\dlgabout.spb
-FsX found ok
-Detecting OS and FsPassengers install path...
-Windows 8: 6.2
-FsPassengers will be installed in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\FsPassengers
-Getting FSX version
-FsX version returned:  10.0.62615.0
-FsX version OK: Steam/Acceleration build 62615
-Check free space
-Free space Total Mb available: 347876
-Check needed space
-Needed space: 147
-No previous version of FsPX 2016 detected.
-No previous version of FsPX 2008 detected.
-AppCompatFlags checked - problem found but corrected OK. See 'ProblemDetected.txt' file!
-Start of file copy...
-Extracting file to: C:\Users\Public\Documents\FsPassengers
-Ok: all files extracted correctly
-Attempting to find dll.xml file
-Getting FsX.exe version
-FsX.exe version: 10.0.62615
-fsx.cfg found in  C:\Users\Kenny Baldwin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.cfg
-dll.xml found in  C:\Users\Kenny Baldwin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\dll.xml
-Writting FsPassengers addon in dll.xml
-Start of dll.xml parsing----------------------------
-dll.xml, Nbr of addons found: 7
-dll.xml : ' ObjectFlow.dll'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' Object Placement Tool'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' Traffic Toolbox'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' Visual Effects Tool'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' RAASPRO'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' FSUIPC 4'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml : ' as_connect'  Xml ok.
-dll.xml written ok
-End of dll.xml parsing----------------------------
-Emptying old installation of FsPassengers into FsX's folder and/or creating new FsPassengers folder C:\Users\Public\Documents\FsPassengers
-Copying FsPassengers files into FSX's folder C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\FsPassengers
-Attempting to write Config file 'FsPassengers\bin\FsXPath.cfg'
-Config file 'FsPassengers\bin\FsXPath.cfg' written ok
-Creating shortcut in start menu...
-Number of files not replaced by update (to keep user's modification): 0
-No update of more_option.cfg required, this is a fresh install
-No update of money_currency.cfg required, this is a fresh install
-Writting FsPassengers's windows in missionpanel.cfg
-missionpanel.cfg - ok
-Adding uninstall key to registry
-Uninstall key added to registry
-Checking if simconnect and all library are installed
-FsPassengersX.dll loaded fine - simconnect and library ok
-Install completed with success
-Writting this log in FsPassengers folder...

RE: Crash fsx steam bin\fspassangers.dll - andysullman - 18-12-2018

Hi txcavi

Sorry im running out of suggetions Hunappy my only other suggestion is can you try to reinstall FSP again from download all the way till you get the errors but record your screen then upload it via photobucket or to any other site. maybe we can notice something that will give us a clue how to help thanks andy