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Announcement Timing - svenduijff - 11-05-2018


I work with the Dutch airline KLM and we do the after takeoff announcement when passing 1000ft (right after takeoff when the gear is retracted) instead of the 7000/8000 FSPax uses. 

Is there a way to tweak the settings so it will do the announcement at 1000ft instead of higher? 

Can someone also tell me when the beforetakeoff announcement is made?



RE: Announcement Timing - andysullman - 08-12-2018

Hi Sven,

If I recall the takeoff annoucnment is made if you have had the FSP Music on then you turn it off before getting close to the runway or when ground tells you to contact the tower then turn off the music. I use pro ATC X so i use the built in one when i get tolded to contact tower

On the first question I cant help you with sorry