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PSS 777 - mspereira - 27-10-2017

hello, I have had a problem with the 777 PSS, in fspassenger I accuse the avionics off Wonder  and I can not connect in any way, does anyone have any tips or know how to solve ??? the radio is apparently off

Thank you very much in advance Big Grin Big Grin

obs, I'm Brazilian and I'm using google translate

RE: PSS 777 - Joeflyer - 27-10-2017


Você confirmou a bateria está ligado? Quando eu tinha o PSS 777, eu não experimentar este problema em tudo. Você está usando o estado frio e escuro?

Have you confirmed battery is ON? When I had the PSS 777, I did not experience this issue at all. Are you using the cold and dark state?

RE: PSS 777 - mspereira - 28-10-2017

Hi, he is in cold and dark, but the battery is connected, even after all the procedures, and to have done the checklist it continues like this.

RE: PSS 777 - Joeflyer - 30-10-2017

Por favor, tente arrancar o avião em FS9 sem o estado frio e escuro. Todos os sistemas devem estar funcionando. Tente outro vôo. Ou, você já tentou isso?

Please try booting the airplane up in FS9 without the cold and dark state. All systems should be running. Try another flight. Or, have you already attempted this?