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Brake sound - Angelo926 - 02-10-2017

While impatiently waiting for the new version (run my personal va with this program), can you please show me how to get the brake sound to work outside of this program?

RE: Brake sound - Joeflyer - 06-10-2017

Just curious, why the brake sound?

RE: Brake sound - andysullman - 08-12-2018

Hi Angelo Please read
Found a file that might work for you via google

File: rcbgh-50.zip
License: Freeware, limited distribution
Added: 22nd October 2006, 03:13:21
Downloads: 20538
Author: Rob Barendregt

"Note: "FSX" is shorthand for your main FSX folder.
(default: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ )

Extract all files to a temporary folder, and then:

- Create a subfolder \Groundhandling5\ in the main "FSX"\Sound\ folder.
- Move all files *.wav AND sound.ini to folder "FSX"\Sound\Groundhandling5\
- Move files Groundhandling5_Sound.dll AND rcb_groundhandling5.cab to folder

2. Add the gauges to the panel of your aircraft(s).

Placing the gauges in your panel is done by adding some lines to the panel.cfg
file of your aircraft, located in folder
"FSX"\SimObjects\Airplanes\"your aircraft"\Panel\.
The simplest way of doing that is by using Notepad, and Windows Copy/Paste.
*** MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR panel.cfg FIRST ***

- In the [Window Titles] section, add the line:


Replace '**' with the next free number.
For e.g. the default FSX 737_800: '**' is 10

- Add the new panel window:

window_size= 0.20,0.09
window_pos= 0.0,0.05
gauge00=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackDisplay, 2,2,74,61
gauge01=RCB_Groundhandling5!PushbackStates, 0,0
gauge02=RCB_Groundhandling5!Taxispeed, 79,2,64,61
//gauge03=RCB_Groundhandling!UseToebrakePedals, 0,0
gauge04=RCB_Groundhandling5!Brakes, 146,2,56,61
gauge05=RCB_Groundhandling5_Sound!dsd_xml_sound3, 0,0,0,0, ./Sound/Groundhandling5/Sound.ini

Replace '**' with the same number as used above.

Due to differences in the Brakes implementation in FSX with respect to the
use of Toebrakes pedals, activate (remove the "//" in front of the line)
gauge03= ONLY when you use proportional toebrake pedals, like the CH Pro Pedals.
Removing the "//" will force the Taxispeed gauge to use proportional Brake
commands (like your pedals) instead of normal Brake commands.
For a detailed explanation, see Appendix-2.
2. The included sound gauge (.dll) is signed by Doug Dawson.
So IF FSX asks you, you must "run" this gauge; if you also select the "More" option
"Allways trust this publisher", you are never asked again for any of this publishers
signed gauges.
3. You can open the Groundhandling window in any view, via menu Views - Instrument Panel.
If you want to change views during operation, and like to have the Groundhandling
visible permanently, you have to "undock" this window (right-mouseclick - Undock)"


RE: Brake sound - Joeflyer - 08-12-2018

Andy, since the OP never responded to his thread, and it's a year and a half old, there wasn't any need to dredge it up. You put some effort into it but this thread should go back into the archives.

RE: Brake sound - andysullman - 08-12-2018

OK Thanks Joe is there a way for a mod like yourself to remove old post or the form admin to remove old post via a cmd like eg if null reply via certain date the system automaticly removes the post or lock the topic for a couple of days with the reason with no response then deleting I used to be on this fourm at age 14 by the name ANDY14 but now 27 wow how time flys I remeber bunch of member i recall like drew piare sam nagy and the fake southwest pilot and yourself lol those were the days. lol now 28 but getting back into flight sim I thought i might as well try to help out when ever I can

Thanks Joe


RE: Brake sound - Joeflyer - 09-12-2018

Andy, I don't believe I have the full rights to make such a command on the forums about old threads. I think Dan may be able to do something like that but I've not seen anything that would allow me to do such a command. I can manually lock old threads but that would take too long to accomplish.

Yep, all of the old guard seem to have vanished for one reason or another. Life tends to get in the way sometimes. At any rate, welcome back!