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[PROBLEM] FS2004 crashes when using FSP - LuisFSDC - 25-01-2017

Am still being a flight sim 9 user since many years ago, but i had to upgrate my computer for a new one last 3 months ago and now i'm using Windows 10.

I've trying to use FSP but after i created the company and pilot i pass to buy the actual aircraft i was using (SkySim DC9), so when i open that window it gets bug and doesn't closes , even if i try pressing quit , just dont respond.

Then Flight Simulator shows that has stop working.

(Sorry if you don't understand some parts of my explanation, i'm learning English)

Regards Smile.
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RE: [PROBLEM] FS2004 crashes when using FSP - SamTDS - 26-01-2017

Unfortunatly for you only windows XP is officialy supported for FS9.