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back to FS9/FSpassengers after years! - m1r3o - 31-01-2016

Hello! After years of not using FS9/fspassengrs, I have now decided to get back to it but I am trying to figure out the best way to get everything installed again. I
use a macbook pro mid-2012 with a SSD so I was thinking to install windows and run FS9 or FSX. Will FS run on windows 10? Should I go with FS9 or FSX?

Re: back to FS9/FSpassengers after years! - Joeflyer - 31-01-2016

Many people have had numerous issues with FS9 and Windows 10. You could go on Flightsim.com and check out their FS9 forum to see what people have done
to get FS9 running decently. FSX behaves better with Win 10 though. There may be some tweaks you need to do with either of them. As for me, I got rid
of FS9 not long ago and run FSX and P3D (still with Win 7-64). P3D V 3.1 is SO much better and behaves quite well with Win 10 from what I have seen.
At any rate, it would be best if you researched a bit before making the decision on which platform to install.

Prepar3D is essentially FSX but FAR better since Lockheed Martin continues to develop and enhance it. By the way, welcome back!