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Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - Doc3511 - 17-12-2011

i just wanted to share this with you, its pretty easy and works with every airplane, it took me a while but i finally did it, now a lot of people says
its not possible and call us liers but they are wrong, ive did it with every damn airplane in my hangar.

1st copy the entire "texture" folder from the default aircraft (any default aircraft with VC will do) and paste it in the 3rd party aircraft without
VC folder.

* be aware to NOT overwrite the 3rd party texture, if thats the case just rename the 3rd party folder to texture.1 texture.2 or whatever, if
you do, remember to change the aircraft.cfg line "texture=" to whatever name or number you used, without the "." or the whole aircraft will

title=McDonnell Douglas MD-83 LV-AYD

texture=AUS << i had to change this in order to work, the texture folder name is Texture.AUS but if u name it Texture.12345 u have to put 12345 in
this line, always without the DOT or space here.

ui_manufacturer=McDonnell Douglas

3rd copy the file "interior" from the default aircraft model folder and paste it in the 3rd party aircraft without VC model folder.

4th go to the 3rd party model folder and in the model.cfg you should add the line interior="name of the file u copied in step 3" example

interior=B737_800_interior <<< add this

now the MD83 will have a 737 VC,

*probably the eyepoint will be off, if u cant see the VC look with the mouse until u find it,

if it isnt there go back to step 1

if it is there but its way off center (under you, behind you, in front of you)

1- just move the eyepoint with the designated keyboard combos (default ones are ctrl,alt enter , ctrl, alt delete or alt delete, but id you do this
youll have to do it everytime you start the game)

2 to center it definetly go to the the default aircraft, aircraft.cfg and copy the entire [cameradefinition.] secuence all the way to the last camera
definition and paste it into the 3rd party aircraft.cfg, also copy the line [views] from the default to the 3rd party aircraft.cfg if the 3rd party
aircraft.cfg already had this 2 secuences delete them and paste the ones u copied from the default.

now it will be perfectly centered but maybe a way back, not a problem just change this

eyepoint = 48.2, -1.55, 1.9 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum. try with 40 if the VC is still
behind u and higher numbers if its in front of you.


just ask if you have doubts ill answer em,
im pretty sure moderators will try this and theyll love it POTENTIAL STICKY TREAD HERE!!!!! LOL

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - Doc3511 - 17-12-2011

Works with airplanes made for FSX or updated to FSX dont try it with a fs2004/2002 without an update or it wont work, all poskys have a FSX fix so it
works with every single posky

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - timtomairways - 17-12-2011

i can confirm it works. my POSKY planes have the default VCs

Note however when you change the Eyepoint. your changeing the position of the pilot (where you sit Basicly)
so your not moveing the VC itself. so your VC my appear in the wrong spot. on the POSKY 737 for example, if useing the default 737. the VC
appears 20ft behind where it should. its not noticble until you hook a jetway up to your aircraft.

this is a issue with the modle, the datum reference point is in a diffrent spot from the default 737. but it works

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - whiskey-zulu - 19-12-2011

This was discussed at length when POSKY brought out their updated VC for v3 777, with varying degrees of success for people. Beer

Note: Modifying your aircraft.cfg folder can be dangerous and result in your aircraft not working properly or at all; if you are unsure of what
is being talked about in this thread, then either mail the author of this thread using the mail system here, or post your questions in this thread.
No resposibility can be taken by the Author of FSP/FSPX or by the other posting members of the forum if your aircraft.cfg is damaged by any
alterations you may make using this technique or any other discussed on these forums.

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - gbapache - 19-12-2011

To al those who want to "fool around" with the aircraft.cfg file..........MAKE A BACKUP COPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,beforehand, of the origanal. Think of it
like cooking, you can always add more salt but you can never take it back once it's done.

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - speako11 - 23-12-2011

I Cant get this to work at all, maybe Im not following the tutorial right...

Could you break it down a bit more and explain each step clearly please, after you tell us to paste the texture folder its like you skip right onto
editing the text in the aircraft.cfg? where has this text come from? is it the default plane text or the plane we're trying to install the VC into...?

Whenever I try to do what I think you're telling me I end up with an invisible plane and an invisible VC,

Could you please explain why you're doing each step as it would make it a lot easier to understand, and maybe figure out if people get stuck,


Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - timtomairways - 23-12-2011

here is the same tutorial on how to add the default B738 VC to the POSKY B738

1. Copy the Panel, Sound and Soundai folders from the default 738 folder to the POSKY folder.

2. Open the texture folder (the one that has no ".1" or other .something) and copy every file except for thumbnail.jpg into the POSKY 737 texture

3. Copy the file B737_800_interior.mdl from the default 738 model folder to the POSKY 737 model folder

4. Add the following line to the model.cfg:


5. Open the default 738 aircraft.cfg and copy all the content from [CameraDefinition.0] to [CameraDefinition.004]

Paste them into the appropriate spot on the POSKY CFG

6. In the POSKY CFG, Scroll down until you find [Views]. Replace that section with this:

eyepoint=43, -1.55, 1.9 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum - Opensky Model
//eyepoint=38.70, -1.31, 3.7 // Default FS VC

Note i did this and ended up with a black VC. if thats the case all the texture file you copied earlier. Re Copy them and paste them into every texture
folder in the POSKY aircraft

that was all cpoyed from here http://forums.vatsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=37868

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Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - timtomairways - 23-12-2011

After re reading the origonal post. i think i see where people can get confused.

here the steps i followed to get my DVA B738 to work.

Aircraft: Default B737-800. And the DVA B737-800. Note the DVA B738 is the OSKY one, but its set up for use with Delta Virtual, and only avalible to
the members of that VA. but this should work all the same.

I recommend haveing 2 window explorer windows open. one for the default 737 and one for the POSKY one. It makes your life easier

1. In the Default window, Modle Folder. Copy the B737_800_interior.mdl file. Paste into the modle folder on the POSKY Window.
Note: the Panle sound and Soundai folders are not nessacery since they are alised to the default anyway save you a couple of MB of HD space and
dont copy them.

2. In the Default window, Texture folder. Cpoy all Files except the Thumbnail. Paste them into All texture folders of the POSKY window. (do it to
every single one, this can save you some headake.

3. in the default window, open the aircraft CFG and find the views section (it should be Right above radios, and right below Hydraulic_system).

copy it. this is what it should say
eyepoint=43, -1.55, 1.9 //(feet) longitudinal, lateral, vertical distance from reference datum - Opensky Model
//eyepoint=38.70, -1.31, 3.7 // Default FS VC

Paste it into the views section of the POSKY CFG (its in the same spot as the default CFG. if its not there then you will have to add it. so just paste it)

4. This part is not nessacery but recommended.

in the default CFG copy Every thing from [CameraDefinition.0]
down to [CameraDefinition.004]

paste it into the POSKY CFG

thoues are preety easy to find. right below the [General] section of the CF, twords the top.

5. Last but not least. open the Modle folder of the POSKY aircraft

open the modle CFG wich should say this

in a line below the Normal=OSK738 add this

it should look like this now


And your done

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - timtomairways - 23-12-2011

to sum it up when adding a default VC to a addon aircraft.

you need to have the default VC modle (with is useally named with a _interior on the MDL file)
in the addons modle folder. and in its modle CFG you have to tell it to use that file

then you need to have a texture. (just like any 3d modle) so you get the textures from the default aircrafts. they are always in the texture folder (with
no number behind it)

then you need to tell FS where you are sitting. this is where it gets trickey. this is also where the [Views] section in the CFG comes in. that tells FS
where you are sitting in the VC relative to the RDP (referance Datum Point)

Microsoft is very smart and organized every thing for use.
notice in just about every defualt aircraft Shift 2 always brings up the radio, and shift 3 the GPS. they took the same organization to the aircraft
folders. 3ed party aircraft however. iv seen some crazy ones. why they cant follow microsofts very easy to understan and replicate logical system of
organization i dont know. i mean when Shift 2 brings up your overhead or something. and the folders of thire aircraft are a mess.

But i digress. this sahould help yall out

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - zuzu27 - 24-10-2014

Maybe you could help me,I just don't get to the bottom of it.I'be been trying to do exactly as described,but nothing works.In the end,I get no VC and
more,no aircraft.Yeap,the aircraft is invisible.I downloaded VC-25A from Posky and tried to add the B747-400 VC,but it doesn't work at all.Every time
I add interior model mdl file,the aircraft is gone.Do you have an explanation,please?
Thanks a lot!

Re: Aliasing a default VC to any airplane - iflyfsx - 15-11-2014

Quote:Doc3511 wrote:
i just wanted to share this with you, its pretty easy and works with every airplane

No, it does not. It works with aircraft compiled with the FSX SDK. It does not work with aircraft compiled with the FS9 SDK.

So, that's the first thing you need to look for.

Open the model ddl with a binary editor. If you see MDL8MDLH near the beginning of the file, you can't attach a VC. Don't even bother. If you see
MDLXMDLH, you're in luck.