FsPassengers 2004 Frequently Asked Questions

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Get more bonus for each flight
Bonus also sets your pilot's rank so it's always useful to get more bonus for each flight.

You will have additional bonuses for the following:

- If you make a nice landing (<250feet/m)
- If you land in bad weather. (wind and or turbulence)
- If you make a flight lasting more than 2 hours without using time acceleration.
- If you make a perfect flight without problems.
- If you declare an emergency when there is one.
- If you land at the scheduled airport. (set destination)
- If you arrive on-time. (set destination)

If you do all of the above you can get as much as 500 points for a flight.

Example with this demo flight:

A good way to get a LOT of bonuses is to have a failure and land safely. If failure doesn't happen often enough for your taste, you can set a higher failure percentage in 'difficulty setup' or you can fly in a war area and get a lot of damage; if you land safely after that you can get as much as 3000 points... be aware that you'll have to pay for the damage anyway. A choice to make.

See this flight in a war area for example:

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