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Sound  Sound  |  1261 - Oxygen Masks DroppingHits: 4201   
I'm not sure which file you would name this so I didn't give it a valid FSP filename. But it's a cool (at least I think so) sound effect I made that sounds like the oxygen masks dropping from the ceiling when the cabin depressurizes. Enjoy!
Author: bomen168  |  2007-04-16  |  Users Rating: 5.92/10 (12 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1247 - COM2 ATC TRAFICKHits: 6114   
atc trafick for com2 jast replais the file on sound file of

FSPASS ...ready to work
Author: XRISOS XARIS  |  2007-04-04  |  Users Rating: 8.55/10 (11 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1201 - boarding and welcomeHits: 11610   
I've converted the MP3-file to a 8bit mono wav-file. Sounds OK. Originally its from AVSIM

Author: Sonny Jakobsen  |  2007-03-09  |  Users Rating: 8.40/10 (10 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1124 - Faroese Fligth Attendant SafetyHits: 2981   
this is the safety features for FsPassengers
on Faroese

just copy and paste to the Default folder
or to your created folder

NOTE: please notice if you paste it into the default folder i a message appear saying that there are two files named the same just press yes

hope you enjoy and thanks for downloading(if you download)

Rói Samuelsen pilot for AN Air
(my own virtual Airliner)
Author:   |  2007-01-02  |  Users Rating: 4.71/10 (7 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1107 - Faroese flight attendandHits: 1997   
Hi this is my first add on there will come more but this the first time i make a add on but im only 12 years but mabe it is good please e-mail me on if somehting is wrong or if you want me to do something more or if you just like it.... if you wonder what i speak there then it is Faroese but it is in English any way so hope you enjoy it or like we say in Faroese: Farvćl eg hopi at tit dáma hettar add oni
Author:   |  2006-12-14  |  Users Rating: 7.36/10 (22 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1104 - Ambient music recorded in B737Hits: 8698   
Really nice song, recorded in a Turkish Airlines B737-800
Author: Ozgur Ozan Ozduman  |  2006-12-09  |  Users Rating: 6.62/10 (16 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1097 - Original recorded ambient music0Hits: 4556   
That was recorded in an empty Turkish Airlines Boeing 737.
Folder contains ambientmusic0 only ,because of its size.
Author: Ozgur Ozan Ozduman  |  2006-12-08  |  Users Rating: 4.28/10 (25 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1072 - Swedish soundsetHits: 4671   
A swedish sound file for safty sound and afterlanding sound

In this file you will find the taxi and gate announcements. with some extra ambience and applause and swedish attendents

Just replace the original files with this one and make a back-up please if you don't like these
Author: Peter Karlsson  |  2006-11-17  |  Users Rating: 6.65/10 (26 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1055 - Decompression soundsHits: 4364   
Replacement sounds for fspassengers
decompression emergency.

Just changed them a bit,

For questions or comments, feel free to mail or PM me.
Author: Anastasios  |  2006-11-03  |  Users Rating: 5.07/10 (14 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1054 - APU startup and shutdown soundsHits: 6831   
APU startup and shutdown sounds.
For use with FDSFX-panel,
freeware available at

In reality you can't here these sounds in the cockpit,
but I just LOVE the sound of the APU started after
landing and shutdown before take-off, so I wanted to
share this with you. Once again, please read the readme file inside.

For questions and/or comments, feel free to mail or PM me.
Author: Anastasios  |  2006-11-03  |  Users Rating: 7.04/10 (24 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  1053 - 737 roll and touchdown soundsHits: 10761   
737 ground-roll and touchdown sounds.
In my experience as being a cabin attendant on a 737
this sound is far more realistic than any other sound
I could find for FS9. Please read the readme file inside.
I hope you will enjoy and if you have any comments or questions
feel free to mail or PM me.

Author: Anastasios  |  2006-11-03  |  Users Rating: 6.00/10 (17 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  936 - Realistic Cabin Crew SoundsHits: 29724   
This is a much more realistic cabin / captain sound for departure It involves the captain and crew talking with eachother simply replace the crew_preparetakeoff.wav file with this one and I hope you enjoy
Author: Adlai Kowitch  |  2006-07-03  |  Users Rating: 3.07/10 (97 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  894 - Attendants Prepare take-offHits: 25494   
Ok this is a simple sound file [.wav] to replace the exisiting file "crew_preparetakeoff.wav"... I think this sound file is more realistic.

Basically their is the alert sound then the pilot says "Flight attendants prepare for takeoff" rather than the orginal file which just has the cabin crew telling the passengers that their about to take-off. Some other people have done te samething as me but either I didn't like the pilots voice or the sound quality was poor. Try it out and tell me what you think!

To install read the 'readme.txt' located inside the zip along with the (.wav) file.
Author: Joshua Hunter  |  2006-05-29  |  Users Rating: 8.60/10 (72 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  801 - music replacementHits: 14196   
These are 3 music files to replace for the default ones. They are numbered: 0, 1 and 2. You can replace the other songs by just simply change this number.

Place the songs in the voicepack you want to use them with. Not advised to put them in the default.

Enjoy and leave a comment.
Author: anastasios  |  2006-03-07  |  Users Rating: 8.61/10 (44 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  759 - Emergency Landing SoundsHits: 10082   
These are modified sounds for the "failbeforeland" and the "failatgate" sounds mixed with sounds provided from anastasios in his American Voice Pack to create a more realistic effect in the cabin during an emergency.
Author: bomen168  |  2006-02-11  |  Users Rating: 5.29/10 (42 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  744 - Taxi and gate announcement replaceHits: 19276   
In this file you will find the taxi and gate announcements. First one with some extra ambience and applause.

Let me know what you think! Just replace the original files with this one and make a back-up please if you don't like these.

Author: anastasios  |  2006-02-04  |  Users Rating: 6.20/10 (49 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  743 - Serve hot food replaceHits: 12682   
Replace this file with the original servehotfood sound file in your voicepack. It is the default flight attendant voice. This file adds an ambient sound of the service, just after the announcement.

Please leave a comment.

Author: anastasios  |  2006-02-04  |  Users Rating: 8.42/10 (38 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  727 - Pre-flight sound enhancementHits: 19450   
Pre-flight sound enhancement

There are two sound files that play from the moment you begin a new FsP flight. They have been entirely re-done and recorded in high quality stereo, and play out one after the other to simulate passengers in the airport lining up and about to come onboard your flight.

The first sound is airport ambience with airline calls and crowd noises, the second includes a Boarding Call announcement for your flight.

Author: nigelb  |  2006-01-30  |  Users Rating: 8.07/10 (55 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  688 - OLYMPIC AIRINES announcement greekHits: 4179   
OLYMPIC AIRLINES anouncement after greek language.
Read install instructions and if you have problem don't hesitate to send me email.( ...enjoy.....
Author: HARIS POLONIFIS  |  2006-01-03  |  Users Rating: 7.76/10 (33 votes)    Download

Sound  Sound  |  631 - BOSTON CHATTERHits: 7726   
ATC Chatter recorded by drmckee 12/01/05 from Boston Approach / Departure. Most transmissions are Approach. Good quality and good volumn.
Author: DANNY  |  2005-12-07  |  Users Rating: 7.64/10 (11 votes)    Download

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