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Tools and Doc  Tools and Doc  |  1394 - PaxPanel2Hits: 3321   
This is a more compact version of the FSPaxHotkeyPanel and only deals with the 'services' in FSPassengers.
As with FSPaxHotkeyPanel this is best used on a dual screen system and in windowed mode.
Author: Floodcolumbus  |  2007-08-01  |  Users Rating: 7.35/10 (20 votes)    Download

Tools and Doc  Tools and Doc  |  1390 - FSPaxHotkeyPanelHits: 2175   
This is a standalone program for FSPax simulating all the main hotkeys (original hotkey assignments). It was created using the MS .NET 2.0 framework which must be installed for the program to work.

It is best used on dual screen set-ups as the program switches between applications and would lose a lot of its functionality on a single screen system.

MS .Net 2 is freely available @
Author: Floodcolumbus  |  2007-07-29  |  Users Rating: 7.22/10 (41 votes)    Download

2 results found.

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