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Payload Model  Payload Model  |  1316 - SST2010 (Concrode compatible!)Hits: 1150   
The SST2010 is a fictional airplane, similar to the concorde in many ways, it has a steady, luxurious 2.3 mach cruise and can be used with the concorde.

Author: Chris Cox  |  2007-06-24  |  Users Rating: 6.81/10 (21 votes)    Download

Scenario  Scenario  |  1315 - This aint right...Hits: 1473   
Welcome captain

Alot of strange things have been going on around this airline. That's why your here. We want you to save our company! You will start with 30% rep due to the recent crashes. We've given you enough money for a few cessna's. If there is one more crash in our airline, we'll be finished. Your goal is to reach c7 and purchase a learjet or higher. Instant record is on. Good luck.
Author: Chris Cox  |  2007-06-24  |  Users Rating: 8.00/10 (23 votes)    Download

2 results found.

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